Why Don’t You Believe Us?

I am a queer woman. I fear for the dissolution of the legal marriage with my wife.I am an American-born, Arab-American. I fear Islamophobic harassment which almost every member of my American-born family has experienced. I fear the impact of registration on my friends & family.I am a refugee hoping to be united with family. I fear I'll never see them again.I am a Black American. I fear the implications of a white nationalist recently named as Trump's chief of staff.I am a Mexican American. I fear the impact of The Great Wall of Mexico will have on immigrant families & the poor.I am a woman. I fear the implications of living in a country where it's okay for our President to explain away sexually predatory behavior even as he's headed to trial on child rape charges. //// Many of us are legitimately scared. Lots of us are terrified. Some can't stop crying. Others have overwhelm. There is an unrest that has very little to do with losing the candidate of … [Read more...]

September 11 from a black, angry & racist perspective…

On 9/11, I have a vivid image of my husband bounding into our bedroom, swinging open the door and yelling, "Gracee, wake up!  We are at war!"  My 1st thought, of course was nuclear war.  I thought we had days, hours, perhaps even minutes to live.  (I know I'm such a drama queen, but seriously who says 'we're at war'?)My experience that day was unlike most.  In short, my reaction was extremely complex.  At length, I was confused, angry, bitter, racist & immature.  I hope I can explain that here.In the midst of the 9/11, 9th year anniversary, my thoughts today are meant to look at how events like 9/11 contribute to the complexity of race and racial issues. I hold just one perspective of a black American who felt completely divided about the attacks.Even more, as a biracial woman I felt split down the middle of my very identity; taking sides with myself and such.  It's been a long journey for me that is rife with struggle and tears yet ultimately led me to face the anger a … [Read more...]