I Hate Thanksgiving

The day after Thanksgiving, I sat & cried with my husband about how much I hate Thanksgiving. This year, I find myself emotionally gutted over Drumpf's politics of course. Who isn't?  Even bigger than that my heart remained heavy at the treatment of the Standing Rock protesters. On Thanksgiving. With frigid water. In frigid temperatures. Why can't the United States keep it's treaties with Native Americans?  Why are we incapable of treating Native Americans fairly? Why God why? My heart hurts for them. They fight to protect sacred land & get nearly killed for doing so.So. There's that. Sigh.Without fail, every year I tend to dread Thanksgiving & Christmas. Has anyone else noticed this incredible expectation attached to these days? YOU AND YOUR BIG, BEAUTIFUL FAMILY MUST ALL BE HAPPY! THANKFUL! FULL! *Insert eye-roll emoji* This expectation was something I read loud & clear long before social media gave us clues about not only what we should feel on these holidays … [Read more...]

I Need To Say Something Entirely Different To White People

I took the Megabus, Chicago to Nashville a little while ago.  I joked on Facebook about how all the Black-Americans on board collectively complained about how freezing cold it was after we had a rousing discussion of Ferguson, the protest then still in its infancy.On the way back to Chicago, a black man in a short sleeved tee got on the bus and yelled loudly, “it’s cold as f*ck on this bus!” And we all chuckled, the rest of us wearing sweatshirts with blankets and head wraps and such. The man leaves for a few minutes and comes back with an extra t-shirt.  Someone jokes about how he should have brought a coat.  “I’m finna knit me a sweater up in this muthaf*cka is what I’m finna do!” We all die laughing, but even harder after the woman next to him says, “and it aint finna be NO snugglin’, Ninja.”Later that night, I’m tell a friend about the jokes and the freezing cold bus and she says, “wait a minute.  Are those the same black folks you rode down to Nashville with?”  I tell her n … [Read more...]

the aliens are coming for black people

For one of my final papers I have been given this fascinating scenario to consider:Aliens come to earth.  They make America an offer for a trade.  They will offer us amazing technology that will allow the nation to wipe out its national debt, clean up the environment (until its restored to its original pristine condition), and develop a source of cheap, clean, inexhaustible energy (that, presumably, would secure America’s position as a world economic, military, social, and cultural powerhouse for decades well into the future).  The only thing they ask is for America to give them all of its citizens of African descent.The offer from the aliens is compelling, and it’s debated. There are pros and cons for trading all of America’s black people for such great technology and the sure promise of a bright and prosperous future. A national referendum whereby people vote via telephone in the privacy of their own homes leads America to make a decision.Do we make the trade or not?W … [Read more...]