The Sexually Pregnant Mind

I see the curves of my breast and they please. I see the round of my rump and it entices. I see the button of my belly & giggle at its cuteness.I rub the bulging bump that sustains my daughter it is tight but lovely.My legs are thick pillars supporting the whole of us, two beating hearts.My areolas expand into flying saucers while my nipples take on an unyielding demeanor pushing past 3 sturdy layers to embarrass me fully. My breasts have plumped to the next cup overflowing with milk & honey.My face has smoothed itself into a summery glow while my feet have spread into an ogre-like aura.My hair curls tighter while my sense of smell betrays.I lose a few meals now and then but this does not betray my overall impressionI am a voluptuous, baby-making goddess.My mind is on sex to desire and be desired... Join me for the rest on the Mudroom blog? (Where we are exploring sex & sexuality for the month of March). … [Read more...]

Struggling with Grace

*I wrote the following guest post for the upcoming Jumping Tandem Retreat coming up May 1-3 in Ashland, NE which I'll be key-noting on the 1st evening!  Please, pretty please come join us! Learn more about it here & register here.*Hello, my name is Grace and I’ve struggled with grace.Some say, actually many have told me that I embody my name.  They say I am rightly named, that I show grace and have grace, yada yada yada. I haven’t fought those compliments like I usually do other compliments (i.e. Hey Grace I like those boots, Me: Oh these old things? From Wal-Mart? From 2010?).Instead of a simple ‘thank you,’ I tend to downplay the perceived compliment (i.e. Please don’t find me special in any way because honestly these really are old boots!  Or more truthfully:please don’t find me special in any way because I AM NOT DESERVING OF YOUR ADMIRATION UNDER ANY SINGLE SET OF CIRCUMSTANCES, mkay?).As if your calling attention to my old, cheapie Wal-Mart boots will s … [Read more...]

Do you ever perceive rejection and then want to crawl in a hole and die and cry yourself a river?

I do.First, my own doggone rejection.  Today, I forgot about a meeting I had in Lansing -about an 1.5 hr. away.  Now that were down to one car, I wasn't able to make the meeting.  We made it a phone meeting but I couldn't finish it and then forgot to call her back.Can someone say that I am a big unprofessional jerk?Well, even if you don't, I all ready handled that.After that, I laid down for "10 minutes or so," which turned into TWO FREAKING HOURS, in which I missed an appointment with a student on campus.I felt so bad.Still do, actually.  Can't you just see me crying my own river right now?After that, my hubby & I had a miscommunication about things in which he had left me with no transportation and had my phone & laptop charger with him.I was REALLY EXTREMELY OBNOXIOUSLY ANGRY sad.It was not his fault.Really.I'm like sooooo over it.Not really, but it was frustrating because I needed to work today.  I am so behind from all my trip … [Read more...]