Nevertheless She Persisted

[Credit] One of my former students from when I served on staff with InterVarsity, is a proud multi-racial Native American who has recently taken up the mantle of resistance at her children's elementary school who uses R-dsk*ins as their school mascot. She frequently posts screenshots of the hateful & personal attacks other parents at the school launch at her as they inexplicably fight to keep this word as their mascot name.The ensuing battle has been so intense the local news recently aired a few minutes of the community gathering in which the Board of Education disappointingly ruled to keep the mascot name.  During the video an older white gentleman stood at the microphone with anger & disgust & forcefully told my friend that anyone who didn't like discrimination in this country can leave with his packing assistance. She replied, "we were here first, I'll help you pack." The irony of a descendant of an immigrant so foolish to utter those words to the descendant of an … [Read more...]

Earthquake for Thomas the Tank Engine (& Haiti)

Yesterday, my husband Dave, our son Ransom & I got together to discuss our response to the disaster in Haiti.  We began by watching videos of the better times in Haiti, followed by footage and images of the devastation.It's hard to know how much is too much for a four year old but we have tended not to shy away from letting him see real life.  I grew up poor in the hood and saw many horrible things with no explanation from anyone as to why the world was as crazy as it was.In my own thoughts on parenting, I've always wanted to keep the good part of what I saw growing up - real life with real poverty & real consequences- but add our own perspective while also teaching him about our Christian worldview.  Being present to the real realities of the world at a young age benefited me tremendously, especially as it has formed me into a person of compassion for the suffering.  I am indebted to my humble inner-city Detroit upbringing.  Nothing but thankful for it.I invite you … [Read more...]