Nevertheless She Persisted

[Credit] One of my former students from when I served on staff with InterVarsity, is a proud multi-racial Native American who has recently taken up the mantle of resistance at her children's elementary school who uses R-dsk*ins as their school mascot. She frequently posts screenshots of the hateful & personal attacks other parents at the school launch at her as they inexplicably fight to keep this word as their mascot name.The ensuing battle has been so intense the local news recently aired a few minutes of the community gathering in which the Board of Education disappointingly ruled to keep the mascot name.  During the video an older white gentleman stood at the microphone with anger & disgust & forcefully told my friend that anyone who didn't like discrimination in this country can leave with his packing assistance. She replied, "we were here first, I'll help you pack." The irony of a descendant of an immigrant so foolish to utter those words to the descendant of an … [Read more...]

Oh Yes I Will

I read my friend, Sarah Bessey's beautiful words's the other day and wept.  Ten minutes later I'd written the following response.////"I’m the one who gets on your nerves, the one you wish would go away, I know. Maybe I embarrass you. Maybe I worry you. Maybe I anger you. Maybe it’s a bit of insecurity? jealousy? fear? Or maybe, just maybe, you’re afraid of people like me." -Sarah BesseyI too, feel this tension when I find out a friend is embarrassed by my online words.  I feel this when the people who know and love me grow uncomfortable with my details.  Unlike a random reader, they got a dog in a fight, I get it. People tell us they worry.  They worry about these "new perspectives," this new boldness.  They hear me lament over African-Americans abortion statistics and they tell me to shut up about it all ready.  They call me a f*ck!ng c*nt  for calling out the racism surrounding a movie.  A movie.You feel the weight of Sarah's sentiment "I'M NOT AFRAID OF YOU!", just like m … [Read more...]


I'm sure you heard of the tragic Montana plane crash that happened last week.  There were 3 couples & their young kids on board.  Two of them were sisters & it was their father's plane.  On that day, he lost two daughters, two son-in-laws & five grandchildren.  The other couple had two adorable children & the woman was five months pregnant.Some news stories just stick with me, I think about them for ages.  And this one felt particularly tragic to me.  I can't get it off my mind.  As bad I feel for that father who lost a shocking 9 members of his family in one day, I feel the worst for those 3 fathers on the plane.I got started thinking about how helpless I would feel if Dave, Ransom, our unborn child & I were on a plane with our friends York & Jodi & their two kids & Jim & Jamie & their 3 young girls.  And if we all knew that plane was in trouble, there would be an enormous sense of grief and helplessness because we could not do anything f … [Read more...]

Inauguration Day

I thought our new President's inauguration speech was fantastic!  As a follower of Jesus, I felt that he actually addressed so many of the things that I care about.  (Not only that but also was extremely inclusive to those who follow Islam, Hinduism, Athiesm, etc.)I love that he addressed all of us as part of the mess we are in.  The government, our greed, the media --no one is innocent.  Which I think is mature given how everyone loves to hate on Bush.I love that his dreams includes a challenge to all of us to be more self-sacrificial, for us to consider the needs of the poor -the world even- as we think through what we consume.  I love that he brought up the world so much.  I love that he understands the interdependency of the all human beings on the planet.  I love that he challenged Americans -of all people- to think about some one other than ourselves.I love his confidence & I love that he addressed our enemies and allies alike.  I appreciate how much hope he is com … [Read more...]