Nevertheless She Persisted

[Credit] One of my former students from when I served on staff with InterVarsity, is a proud multi-racial Native American who has recently taken up the mantle of resistance at her children's elementary school who uses R-dsk*ins as their school mascot. She frequently posts screenshots of the hateful & personal attacks other parents at the school launch at her as they inexplicably fight to keep this word as their mascot name.The ensuing battle has been so intense the local news recently aired a few minutes of the community gathering in which the Board of Education disappointingly ruled to keep the mascot name.  During the video an older white gentleman stood at the microphone with anger & disgust & forcefully told my friend that anyone who didn't like discrimination in this country can leave with his packing assistance. She replied, "we were here first, I'll help you pack." The irony of a descendant of an immigrant so foolish to utter those words to the descendant of an … [Read more...]

For You, Netizen

netizen |ˈnetəzən|nouna user of the Internet, esp. a habitual or avid one.~ I loved this touching story of a Mama living through her baby being born 10 weeks early.  But, it's more about  creating your own light until you get to the end of the tunnel.~ Have unmet expectations?  Great post from Jon Acuff: The soft x.~ Hilarious photo-shopped images of a distracted Dad & his adorable daughter.  So funny.  Love it.~ I just adore folks who use their art, creativity and photography to tell women to LOVE ourselves.  Check this out: Finally pictures of gorgeous women that make you feel better about yourself~ Anyone else need tips from Weight Watcher's on how to survive Halloween?  Yeah, me too.~ Fabulous article from Relevant Magazine on how you never marry the right person.  Compatibility isn't always there, happiness either.  Then what?~ AH-MA-ZING art work.  A pencil drawing of a portrait of a women splashing water on her face.  You really have to see it to … [Read more...]

The Rape of Humanity: A Sestina for an Escaped Sex Slave.

**(What you are about to read is a sestina I wrote for my creative writing class.  I was inspired by an online article about an escaped sex slave).The Rape of Humanity: A Sestina for an Escaped Sex SlaveThe room was filthy and cockroach infested.Locked in a cage.   Shocked with electrical wire.  Whipped with metal cables until raw,it all culminated in gang rape.My mother sold me at 7. Twenty times a day my legs were pried open.Burned with hot pokers forced to lie under the cover of biting insects was the torturefor a failed escape. I took my chances: fate would give me death or freedom.There are 12 million of us, voiceless, desperate to be free.But 32 billion reasons why selling our womanhood remains a global infestation.Under 5, over 5, newborns, too.  Over 20 is “too old” for this form of torture.Our hearts our raw,our bodies are sewn up, ripped apart, sewn up and again torn openyet it’s our humanity that’s at stake; it too is subjec … [Read more...]