Halloween Skating!

Some of my favorite programs for one of my favorite holidays.Oksana Baiul gets sensual, and sinister:Starring Jeffrey Buttle, as the Devil:Starring Robin Cousins, as the Devil:Grishuk and Platov scare the commentators:Yu-Na Kim at the midnight carnival:More tomorrow! … [Read more...]

Hidden gem in Hartford: the Wadsworth Athenaeum

Before the storm hit, Ratty and I visited the Wadsworth Athenaeum, a really terrific art museum in Hartford, CT. The selection is great: Dali, Degas, Chagall, an unusual Munch landscape, a fun painting of "Gossiping Women" by none other than Goya, etc. There are little delights like a porphyry bathtub from ancient Rome, an ostrich ewer made from an ostrich egg, and for some reason a stuffed gar. There are depictions of scenes and people I'm not sure I've seen before in art: a statue of Sappho, … [Read more...]

From Denise Levertov, “To Live in the Mercy of God”

Such passion— rage or joy?                               Thus, not mild, not temperate, God’s love for the world. Vast flood of mercy                       flung on resistance. … [Read more...]


in which I watch a movie. … [Read more...]

Vicki Boykis is right–this sounds glorious

music and translation.  … [Read more...]

Samuel Palmer, “Cornfield at Midnight”

see a haunting painting herevia Wesley Hill … [Read more...]

Memento mori

Yeah. … [Read more...]