Confirming all my suspicions: Oscar Wilde edition

The less you care about the Crucifixion, the less I will gain from your reading of Wilde's writing. Period, comma. (Provoked by this book, which is his dissertation I think and therefore much is forgivable, but also Camille Paglia.) … [Read more...]

“Jekyll & Hyde”: Reason is the slave of the passions

The Synetic Theater is a DC troupe, mostly run by Georgian immigrants trained in the former Soviet Union, which does dance-based adaptations of literature. So they do wordless Shakespeare, for example, which I totally thought was on par with "jumbo shrimp" until I saw their phenomenal Midsummer Night's Dream. They do a fair amount of horror. They're always very OTT, sometimes to the point of kitsch (which I don't mind), and they typically aim to give you a really intense new experience of the … [Read more...]

“Zoo Is Hell”

I review Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo at AmCon. I've seen five shows in the past three weeks, as DC's theater season opens, and this was probably the best one so far. It's at the Bethesda Round House theater, a block from the Bethesda metro, and I'd definitely recommend it. … [Read more...]

“A Child’s Garden of Sacrifice”

You should be reading your kids Oscar Wilde. … [Read more...]

How Green Was My Carnation

The God of Mirrors, by Robert Reilly, is a soapy little novel about Oscar Wilde. It basically goes through the historical record imagining what each triumph or disaster might have felt like. There are lots of Wilde epigrams and assorted flotsam throughout the book, not always placed in a way which makes sense (there's an allusion to the Marquess of Queensberry looking like a misshapen dwarf at the court of the Spanish infanta, which is... an unusual choice given that the dwarf is the hero of … [Read more...]

I don’t know that this needed to be a poem, but I liked it anyway.

C.K. Williams, "Repression":More and more lately, as, not even minding the slippages yet, the aches and sad softenings, I settle into my other years, I notice how many of what I once thought were evidences of repression, sexual or otherwise, now seem, in other people anyway, to be varieties of dignity, withholding, tact... --there's more which you can find on the google … [Read more...]

Aren’t you down for doing something positive in the community?

I actually like this idea a lot: Rarely do you see venues pair professional touring bands with local high school bands on the same bill the way that FAA has done since the beginning. FAA is one of the only places in the country, if not THE only place in the country, where a high school band has been able to open for a national touring act a couple weeks after they played on Late Night with David Letterman.The response to this has been overwhelming. Younger musicians obviously love it. They a … [Read more...]