“Coming Out Christian”: I’m in The American Conservative

this month, talking about how the growing presence of openly gay Christians who accept the historical Christian teaching on sexuality is changing our churches. I think it’s a provocative and exciting story (I mean, I would!), and it includes the money quote (not from me), “I think if there’s no homosexual couples going to your [Read More...]

Richard Rodriguez on God of the Desert

Some crankiness, but lots of challenging stuff here: …Well, I think obviously we would have a different experience of nature. And maybe a different notion of what God expects from us; this is said as a believer, I should stress. It seems to me that a God who would reveal himself to Abraham in a [Read More...]

“Oriented to Love: A Dialogue About Sexual Diversity in the Church,” Feb 6 – 8, 2014: Apply Now!

Many of my readers may be interested in this: We are looking for a group of no more than a dozen people to participate in an in-depth dialogue around the issue of sexual diversity in the church. The event will be held from Thursday evening, Feb.6, to Saturday noon, Feb. 8, at a retreat center in the Philadelphia [Read More...]

Wesley Hill Speaking on Spiritual Friendship at Biola University

friendship, gay Christian life, & the challenges for churches. The comments to this post are also well worth your time. [Read more...]

“What Classic, Orthodox Celibacy Isn’t”

at Spiritual Friendship: If we follow the tradition’s logic, celibacy cannot be a synonym for singleness. Classic, orthodox celibacy is not a solitary priest rattling around in an oversized rectory, or an isolated yuppie in a high rise apartment building a profile on an internet dating site, or a gay person toughing it out solo [Read More...]

The Diversity of the Saints Is a Diversity of Pain

Speaking of the wild diversity of the saints–over the weekend I read this powerful & bluntly painful piece from Mudblood Catholic: “God is doing something in the dark.” But what? And, really, “Why remain here in the dark?” And that post collided with a very intense night at the pregnancy center, and the readings from [Read More...]

Indiegogo Campaign for Film Festival on LGBT/Faith Issues

The Level Ground film festival is raising money for its second year, & I’ve signed on to support the project. The festival focuses on screening & discussing films which concern, in some way, the intersection of lgbt/queer/same-sex attracted life, and religious faith. I’ve suggested a couple movies for this year, although I can make no [Read More...]

“Odd-Numbered Hospitality”: Wesley Hill

writes: …What strikes me, in retrospect, is how easy it would have been for her to have invited mainly other single people to her after-church meals. With other single guests, there would have been more opportunity to talk about common interests and habits, and she certainly could have avoided some of the messes that young [Read More...]

“All the Single Laity”: My Terrible Pun at CNA

Writers often don’t write their own headlines, but this one is all my fault: “It is not good that the man should be alone.” Being alone is the first thing God pronounces “not good,” after so many proclamations of the goodness of His creation. And yet being alone is an increasingly common condition in American [Read More...]

Bedrooms and Bootstraps

Last weekend I went to a conference put on by the Archdiocese of Washington, “Speaking of Love: Answering Tough Questions About Human Sexuality.” It was geared toward youth ministers, teachers, and other people who work with teens and young adults, so it was a window into what the AD-Dubs thinks young people need to hear [Read More...]