“Did You Go to Passion 2013? Here’s What Fyodor Dostoyevsky Would Say to You”

(if he were a blogger, I guess? but no, some good stuff here) I will never forget the advice given to me a few years back by an older, wiser friend who had just planted a church near my hometown. I, as an eager gotta-do-it-yesterday college kid was (and am) excited about church planting. But [Read More...]

“Christians: Siblings, Not ‘Friends’?”: Wesley Hill

writes: …In the New Testament, familial language far outweighs the language of friendship when it comes to describing Christian community. Believers are one another’s “brothers and sisters in Christ,” not (primarily) one another’s “friends.” It’s true, as Stephen Fowl and others have shown, that some of the Greco-Roman language of friendship is reappropriated in the [Read More...]

JPII caps Nietzsche

Human beings, in a certain sense, are unknown to themselves. Jesus Christ not only reveals God, but “fully reveals man to man”. –from the Letter to Artists [Read more...]

“Making God a ‘Convenience’”

Good stuff from Alan Jacobs. (There’s also a causal-arrow question here: Do people feel God’s love because they gave of themselves, rather than the other way around? “The fruit of service is peace” and all that stuff.) [Read more...]

Dorothy Day as Dostoyevsky character (from her letters)

October 10, 1960: …One of the things which bothers me mightily is the bitterness and criticism of angry young men. Do pray for them and all such. Sometimes I try to tell myself, finding myself too critical, “they are prophets crying out in this time.” But there are too many of them. Around a place [Read More...]

A conversation with me and Sr. Jeannine Gramick

at Interfaith Voices. (Scroll down–I missed this when it was posted over the summer.) I haven’t listened to it yet, so apologize in advance for any errors, jerkishness, etc…. [Read more...]

Dorothy Day writing to an inquirer, January 1948

Leaders. We have no committees. Whenever in our houses we have had them they do not work. The person in charge of the house, living in the house, working there, is father and mother of the group. The Benedictine ideal, not the idea of majority rule. The leader may make mistakes, but he can repair [Read More...]

Helen Rittelmeyer’s best-of-2012 reading list

is super extra worth your time! Adventuresome and mordant. [Read more...]

“A Meditation on the Bloody Octave of Christmas”

From the Archdiocese of Washington. [Read more...]

“Byzantine Hymn of the Nativity”

via IP: [Read more...]