SSM: THE SETUP. This is the start of a series of posts in which I'll lay out my reasons for opposing same-sex marriage, and answer other people's objections. I'm not sure how long it will take, so feel free to jump in whenever you want.Today's posts will probably be among the longest in the series--I hope to keep most of these bite-sized, but today I'm laying out my own position and that takes more time than a FAQ-like reply to objections.There will also be times when I reuse phrasings that … [Read more...]

POETRY WEDNESDAY: From John Donne, "A Lecture Upon the Shadow." It's not one of my favorites of his, but I like the second stanza and the end a lot. Sorry about the lack of formating.Stand still, and I will read to thee A lecture, Love, in Love's philosophy. These three hours that we have spent, Walking here, two shadows went Along with us, which we ourselves produced. But, now the sun is just above our head, We do those shadows tread, And to brave clearness all things are … [Read more...]

HAPPY ENDING: Or something. I've posted the entire rough draft of "What You Can Do for Your Country." You can read the whole thing in order here; or just get the last segment here. Note the big gap in time between the last segment and the previous ones.As always, your comments and (especially) criticisms are welcomed. This is a rough draft, which means that I already know I didn't nail it, so please don't hold back if you think something's wrong!Soon, maybe tomorrow, I'll start posting the … [Read more...]

And though each spring doe add to love new heate, As princes doe in times of action get New taxes, and remit them not in peace, No winter shall abate the springs encrease. --John Donne, "Loves Growth" … [Read more...]

EXISTENTIAL CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS: Motime Like the Present is a wiggy blog dealing with, um, Calvinism, antinomianism, and Silver Age Marvel comics.In other words, he's insane in a way that I deeply respect.I find Calvinism wildly awful and distressin', and I don't rightly buy much of MLTP's analyses of superhero comics. Nonetheless, he is a worthwhile theological-superheroic test-your-strength machine. Good stuff. Blogrolled tonight. … [Read more...]

RENE MAGRITTE, MASTER OF HORROR: Me and my big mouth. I was really psyched that Sean Collins decided to dedicate his October blogging to horror-related posts, and fired off an email in which I asked whether he was a Magritte fan, and, if so, whether he'd be interested in blogging about the Belgian surrealist's use of horror imagery.Like so many people to whom I shoot oblique, half-thought-out one-liners, he replied, "Hey, intriguing! Why don't you do it?"Um, because I didn't know what I was … [Read more...]

They looked like everyone else They forced locks They replaced lost objects They primed guns They mixed drinks They sowed handfuls of questions They withdrew modestly And blotted out their signatures.--Paul Nouge … [Read more...]