OUT: WHY? In case anyone is wondering why I’ve been, or tried to be, pretty up-front about my sexual orientation on this site. I really don’t know if you people care, but figured you might. 1) Somebody has to. I’ve spoken with other Catholics with homosexual desires who would never speak about it publicly. Some [Read More...]

SULLIMANIA. I hope to make this the final installment of the Andrew-Sullivan-and-sex-and-Catholics stuff, at least for a while. I’ve said much of what I have to say here, here, and here; these posts are really just clean-up. Also, for some reason I can’t get into the relevant sections of Andrew Sullivan’s archives at all, so [Read More...]

ROMA LOCUTA, CAUSA FINITA EST? First, let me be clear on the role of Church authority in this discussion. I understand, and can defend with no reference to Church authority, Catholic teaching on almost everything that divides Sullivan and me. Sexual fidelity, marriage, contraception, the Bible, all good. Ordination of women, never really investigated, basically [Read More...]

HOW IS HOMOSEXUALITY UNLIKE SLAVERY?, and CAN CATHOLICS THINK? A reader sent me an email that may help clarify matters. My original response to him was totally lame, so I’m not even going to bother with it. Reader email: In your blog today (03/27) you state: “If I say Church teachings A through E imply [Read More...]

POETRY WEDNESDAY: From Les Murray: Things were no better when I was young: things were poorer and harsher, drought dust on the crockery, and I was young. [Read more...]

“Gee, honey, you’re as mean as can be.” –Claire Trevor to Edward G. Robinson, “Key Largo” [Read more...]

PS: Unqualified Offerings is back!! [Read more...]

Lie still, little blogwatch, Shake my shaky hand; Black coffee’s not enough for me, I need a better friend… Not much today: this blogwatch, the addition of Frederick Douglass’s autobiography to the booklog, and, possibly, a long thing about authority and sex and Sullivan. (Who seems to call for an[other] American schism today. What’n, Ah [Read More...]

“He was a ladykiller. But don’t get any ideas–I ain’t no lady.” –Myrna Dell to police, “Nocturne” [Read more...]

MUG SHOTS. EveTushnet.com mugs!!! Thanks to Ben Domenech. [Read more...]