MORE MATTER LESS ART: Finished Anne Carson's Beauty of the Husband, twenty-nine poems (she calls them "tangos," which strikes me as prissy) and a coda, about marriage, infidelity, and divorce. What is good in this book is very good; what is bad in this book is truly annoying.The good: "The husband swallows his ouzo and waits for its slow hot snow inside him." "Her voice sounded broken into." "...under a black umbrella/in a raw picking wind." There's something like that--some phrase that … [Read more...]

WHICH EDWARD GOREY BOOK ARE YOU? "Dancing Cats and Neglected Murderesses--You are a bit bitter in some ways about how life has treated you, but you will do anything to change it around...anything!"Via Mixolydian Mode. … [Read more...]

"and he was holding Yes and No together with one hand" --Anne Carson, The Beauty of the Husband … [Read more...]

THE SONG CLOCK: Oakhaus's post on songs that remind you of breakups you've known (mine is in the comments) reminded me of a post I'd been pondering for a while--listing the songs that colored and reflected an entire period in my life. Don't know if you care, but here is the soundtrack for the movie that is me:High school: Severed Heads, "Contempt" and "Hot With Fleas" Coil, "Tainted Love." Actually, I'll listen to pretty much anybody's version of "Tainted Love." The Smiths... um, everything, … [Read more...]

SPEND SPEND SPEND: Part two of my short story, "Desire," is up now. It's been a while since I posted part one, so you might want to start at the beginning; but if you only want the most recent section, it's here. … [Read more...]

LONDON CALLING: More Dappled Things--this time, his trip to London. I went there with The Rat two summers ago, and told you all about it here (random notes), here (travelogue), and here (the Imperial War Museum, which was just amazing). Anyway, some excerpts from Father T's adventure:"I was very pleased with the state of the Liturgy througout the city. ..."I saw a very good exhibit called Gothic Art for England at the Victoria and Albert Museum (conveniently next door to the Oratory). The … [Read more...]

ARE YOU READY FOR KIDS? Very funny. Via Amy Welborn. … [Read more...]