GHOST SHIPS: I promise I have a reason for asking this: Can anyone recommend a movie about a haunted ship? This movie should be either a) really good or b) jam-packed with conventional accouterments of the genre. It need not be both. The absolute ideal movie would include every trapping of the genre, plus lots and lots of shots of the ocean, plus it would be easy to find on DVD at the local Blockbuster. I'm totally serious about this--it relates to a project I'm working on. Help! … [Read more...]

POETRY WEDNESDAY: Traditional. I tried making it look all Spanish-y with accent marks and upside-down exclamation points, but for some reason they were all mangled except the accents over the "e"s. Sorry about that.... Anyway, this is a fitting song for the first day of October.Salias del templo un dia, Llorona, cuando al pasar yo vi,Salias del templo un dia, Llorona, cuando al pasar yo vi.Hermoso huipil llevabas, Llorona, que la Virgen te crei,Hermoso huipil llevabas, Llorona, que la … [Read more...]

BOND GIRL NAME GENERATOR. Via Dave Tepper. … [Read more...]

TOMORROW: I've got quite a bit to say, but no time to say it in. Tomorrow after four I should have time to post; expect a review of Founding Brothers, mad same-sex marriage stuff, and the end of "What You Can Do for Your Country." … [Read more...]

NATURE IS A LANGUAGE, CAN'T ANYBODY READ? Second-to-last part of "What You Can Do for Your Country." Last part will be posted Wednesday-ish. You can read the whole thing in order here or just get the latest chapter here.As usual, I am really sorry about how awful that page looks. Try to go all ascetic and "the beauty of this world means nothing to me!"-ish. Well no, don't; but still, try to ignore my hideous fiction-blog template. I'll fix it someday (and its little dog, too). … [Read more...]

YOU WOULDN'T RECOGNIZE A CUNNING PLOT IF IT PAINTED ITSELF BLUE AND DANCED ON THE TABLE SINGING "CUNNING PLOTS ARE HERE AGAIN!" Hilarious what-not-to-do "Batman" takedown by Sean Collins. Plot-oriented writers should read this one.In other comicsy news, that Lying in the Gutters link below has "New X-Men" rumors that intrigue me. Scott Summers is by far my favorite X-character, and I got into NXM in large part because so far Grant Morrison has totally had Scott's number but good. (The first … [Read more...]

DEATH AND THE EUCHARISTIC PRAYER. Characteristically powerful post from Dappled Things. This (death) will be the subject of the next short story I blog. I'm not sure which one it will be--there are two I'm choosing between--but both of them are about a) mortality and b) death. (Not quite the same things--a condition and an experience.) I would say I don't know why this subject came up twice in the stuff I've been working on lately, except that I kind of do. … [Read more...]