GABRIEL PROJECT: Father Tucker at Dappled Things says his diocese is starting up a branch of the Gabriel Project, which gives material, emotional, and spiritual support to families in need. I had the honor of speaking with the Silver Spring branch on Saturday morning; they're a great bunch of people.I was supposed to touch on some of the themes of my Weekly Standard piece on life at a pregnancy center (subscribers-only link, sorry). I was a bit scatty (7:30 AM is not a normal Saturday wakeup … [Read more...]

A HAIKU POEM FOR THE CHEERIOS: Search-engine requests that brought you to this fine blog. In chronological order, earliest first.where to publish a short story about necessity to give up a cat women are faster rat silhouette nifty same sex encounters ("nifty"?) elvis and twin towers wallpaper nikita dallas vodka bar photo service aaron burr philip nolan's legal problem (yes, Aaron Burr did have something to do with a slight legal problem for Philip Nolan...) usa boy to boy forking sexy net … [Read more...]

CULTURE CLASH: "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot" is the official song of... English rugby?!?! HuhWHAH? … [Read more...]

"The girl had taken a Ph.D. in philosophy and this left Mrs. Hopewell at a complete loss. You could say, 'My daughter is a nurse,' or 'My daughter is a school teacher,' or even, 'My daughter is a chemical engineer.' You could not say, 'My daughter is a philosopher.'" --Flannery O'Connor, "Good Country People" … [Read more...]

OUTSOURCING TORTURE: Body and Soul is your source for news about the guy the INS shipped to Syria for torture. More on this from me Monday, for serious. … [Read more...]

I cried for you I died a thousand times for you I committed endless crimes for you I sold my soul to some blogwatch to do with as he will...Coming soon at this site: Watchmen; why I started investigating Catholicism, why I was almost an English major, and what all this has to do with same-sex marriage (you cannot escape!); the song clock, plus The Breakup Song.Coming soon at MarriageDebate: more links than you can shake a stick at. I have to go to my volunteer job soon, but by Saturday … [Read more...]

AS YOU MIGHT IMAGINE, I'm a bit busy right now. More soon. … [Read more...]