BACK from a weekend trip to sunny New Haven. Always invigorating to see college students pursuing truth in friendship and with joy. … [Read more...]

"'Need answers quickly. World on verge of apocalypse. Death and war already here."'Other horsemen can't be far behind.'"Rameses... Password incomplete: Do you wish to add a rider?" --Watchmen … [Read more...]

NOT DEAD YET. Place to go for Terri Schiavo news. … [Read more...]

NOT BECAUSE SHE EMPLOYS ME. Best piece I've seen so far on Pope's anniversary."The New York Times, with its typical impeccable timing, marked John Paul II's anniversary with a photograph of the empty pews of Europe. Of course, it is not just the pews of Europe that are empty; it is also the cradles. ..."Both here and abroad, hopes for a new Catholic Church dedicated to contraception, abortion, divorce, homosexuality and female priests were cruelly dashed. After 25 years, what has also been … [Read more...]

I'm worse at what I blog best And for this watch I feel blessed...Hit & Run: Spies vs. secrecy.Pope Quiz. Via Amy Welborn.What's radical about weblogs? My answer is still substantially what it was here. Via someone I forget, sorry."How much is Internet porn screwing with the way a generation of young men view women?" Via Father Sibley, I think.100 scariest movie scenes of all time. Via Relapsed Catholic. … [Read more...]

THEY REMOVED HER FOOD AND WATER TODAY. Numbers to call and a prayer to Saint Jude. … [Read more...]

SSM: WHY? Got a couple interesting emails today, asking why I spend so much of my time on same-sex marriage lately. The emails were phrased in sharply personal language, but whatever, it's certainly a fair question.Partly, honestly, it's just the tidal rhythms of my attention. Sometimes I am superjournalistic, unable to think of anything except how I can affect the daily surf of the news. For the past couple months, though, I've been in exactly the opposite mode. I've been thinking almost … [Read more...]