I cried for you I died a thousand times for you I committed endless crimes for you I sold my soul to some blogwatch to do with as he will...Coming soon at this site: Watchmen; why I started investigating Catholicism, why I was almost an English major, and what all this has to do with same-sex marriage (you cannot escape!); the song clock, plus The Breakup Song.Coming soon at MarriageDebate: more links than you can shake a stick at. I have to go to my volunteer job soon, but by Saturday … [Read more...]


AS YOU MIGHT IMAGINE, I'm a bit busy right now. More soon. … [Read more...]


I can almost taste your blogwatch As I reach out for your face And I strike...Body and Soul: Maher Arar update (guy INS shipped to Syria, where he was tortured).Forager23: "Eye-level aesthetic" and Love and Rocketsness. I am going to look for Grip, which I hadn't even known existed until just now.Motime Like the Present on an "eye-level aesthetic." I find his insouciance about the difficulty of figuring out ethics disconcerting, though he's right that Nietzsche collapses into Platonism. … [Read more...]


Used to ramble through the park Shadow boxing in the dark Then you came and caused a spark That's a four-alarm blogwatch now...Body and Soul: Good, long post (with very well-chosen pictures) on women's subordination, agency, and individuality, focusing on what the new book The Bookseller of Kabul notices and fails to notice.Jane Galt: Recommend economics books for beginners! I did find Hazlitt's Economics in One Lesson quite readable and very intro-level, and PJ O'Rourke's stuff is fun … [Read more...]


"RUSH LIMBAUGH IN THE CONFESSIONAL": That's the title of Mark Shea's latest column for the National Catholic Register. It's good stuff--sadly, not online. Excerpts:...I was raised in a household where I darkened the door of a church or Sunday school maybe 10 times before I started seriously trying to understand Christianity in college (and at least one of those times was because there was a meeting or something at the local Methodist church).I can tell you all about deep-seated guilt. … [Read more...]


MASSACHUSETTS COURT LAME-OSITY: Hey there. If you want my take(s) on the Massachusetts same-sex marriage decision, or SSM generally, click on over to MarriageDebate.com, or check out my series on the subject.MD.com is also currently hosting a debate on whether children need mothers and fathers, or just two committed parents. There's some stuff there that constitutes a partial reply to John Jakala's points about gender. (I haven't forgotten you, JJ! More later--I'm totally swamped with work … [Read more...]


HEY, A KENYAN BLOG! Catholic stuff, sports stuff, Kenyan stuff. He likes Bowie (yeah!) but hates Nietzsche (boo!). Niftiness from the referrer logs. … [Read more...]