I can almost taste your blogwatch As I reach out for your face And I strike...Body and Soul: Maher Arar update (guy INS shipped to Syria, where he was tortured).Forager23: "Eye-level aesthetic" and Love and Rocketsness. I am going to look for Grip, which I hadn't even known existed until just now.Motime Like the Present on an "eye-level aesthetic." I find his insouciance about the difficulty of figuring out ethics disconcerting, though he's right that Nietzsche collapses into Platonism. … [Read more...]


Used to ramble through the park Shadow boxing in the dark Then you came and caused a spark That's a four-alarm blogwatch now...Body and Soul: Good, long post (with very well-chosen pictures) on women's subordination, agency, and individuality, focusing on what the new book The Bookseller of Kabul notices and fails to notice.Jane Galt: Recommend economics books for beginners! I did find Hazlitt's Economics in One Lesson quite readable and very intro-level, and PJ O'Rourke's stuff is fun … [Read more...]


"RUSH LIMBAUGH IN THE CONFESSIONAL": That's the title of Mark Shea's latest column for the National Catholic Register. It's good stuff--sadly, not online. Excerpts:...I was raised in a household where I darkened the door of a church or Sunday school maybe 10 times before I started seriously trying to understand Christianity in college (and at least one of those times was because there was a meeting or something at the local Methodist church).I can tell you all about deep-seated guilt. … [Read more...]


MASSACHUSETTS COURT LAME-OSITY: Hey there. If you want my take(s) on the Massachusetts same-sex marriage decision, or SSM generally, click on over to MarriageDebate.com, or check out my series on the subject.MD.com is also currently hosting a debate on whether children need mothers and fathers, or just two committed parents. There's some stuff there that constitutes a partial reply to John Jakala's points about gender. (I haven't forgotten you, JJ! More later--I'm totally swamped with work … [Read more...]


HEY, A KENYAN BLOG! Catholic stuff, sports stuff, Kenyan stuff. He likes Bowie (yeah!) but hates Nietzsche (boo!). Niftiness from the referrer logs. … [Read more...]


ANALYZE THIS: Unqualified Offerings delves into the New York Times "how're we doing in Iraq?" chart, and concludes that the Times is painting sunshine on the data. He makes a good case.EDITED TO ADD: He's also two hedgehogs. (They tell me that cryptic one-line links encourage readers to make with the clicking.) … [Read more...]


HOW CAN YOU KEEP 'EM DOWN ON THE FARM, AFTER THEY'VE SEEN CRP? Well, it's been a while since I gave you all a post on farm subsidies. So here's something from today's Washington Post, a profile of a dying Montana town. Excerpts:"...Like thousands of small towns on the plains, Geraldine is bleeding young people."The town has lost 23 percent of its population since 1970. But the high school has shrunk even more: By 53 percent since 1970, from 103 students to 48. There are 11 students in … [Read more...]