OH NO YOU DID NOT. "Batman Draped in Thai Silk." "Sita Being Abducted by Superman." "Darth Maul (from Star Wars I) with Thai Headdress." "Spiderman and Maiyarap (King of the Underworld)."All this and more, at Jirapat Tasanasomboon Artwork. Good to know that globalization has brought "It's not kitsch, it's pop art!" to Thailand. Truly, we are a world connected.Via Polytropos. … [Read more...]


I AM SO HUNGRY!!!!! About to cook and eat food. Here's what's on the blog, below: A post about superhero comic conventions and revenge-tragedy conventions and writerly inspiration. Five posts about same-sex marriage, part of a series I'll be doing this week and maybe part of next week: friendship, masculinity, my basic position, three types of argument, and the setup of the series. Poetry Wednesday. And the last segment of "What You Can Do for Your Country." It's a big pinata full of bloggy … [Read more...]


SUPERHERO COMICS AND THE SPANISH TRAGEDY. This past summer I had a terrific surge of fiction-writing energy, after a long spell of torpor. I'm still working on lots of fun stories, and I love it. So much more fun than journalism! I've had a host of ideas that I really like, jumping-off points for stories. Right now I've got two rough drafts done, two mostly-done, and seven in various stages of draft or notes. This is wildly exciting, given that until this summer I hadn't actually finished a work … [Read more...]


SSM: FRIENDSHIP. This is the last SSM post for today. Like I said in the "setup" post below, today's posts are long. None of the later posts will be as long as these--they'll be paring knives, not broadswords.So: Why do I keep talking about friendship when I talk about same-sex marriage?Unqualified Offerings, in an understandable but way off-base interpretation, writes, "Eve says, 'marriage is not friendship' and 'marriage is about sex,' but this is only relevant if she is also saying, sotto … [Read more...]


SSM: BOYZ II MEN. Another long piece, about how making marriage unisex will change the male quest for masculinity:A good friend tells this story from his college days: He and several guy friends were drinking pitchers of beer in a local bar. They had one too many, and the leader of their intrepid band devised a challenge. Hoisting his glass, he declared, "Whosoever is a man will bang his head on this table three times!"You can guess what happened next: All the heads around the table went … [Read more...]


SSM: MY BASIC POSITION. This is long but I think it's pretty plain-spoken:Americans still think the debate over same-sex marriage is about gay people. We still think it's about your best friend who's just said she's a lesbian, or your son who's just come out. We still think it's about whether homosexual acts are sinful.It's not.The same-sex marriage debate is about marriage, above all else. It's about a view of marriage that was first promoted by and for heterosexual couples.I used to … [Read more...]


SSM: THREE TYPES OF ARGUMENT. Throughout these posts, and previous posts on this site, I've been making three different kinds of claim:1) Marriage was not designed to respond to the desires of and pressures on same-sex couples, and we shouldn't expect it to do so. This is at once the strongest and the weakest claim. Strongest, because it strikes me as glaringly obvious! As Maggie Gallagher has pointed out, even societies that accepted or valorized (male) homosexual conduct did not institute … [Read more...]