NEW PLAY BY AESCHYLUS! I forget where I found this."Cyprus's national theater company, Thoc, plans a modern-day world premiere of Aeschylus's Trojan War story Achilles in Cyprus next summer. The play will then be performed in Cyprus and Greece."Scholars had believed the trilogy to be lost forever when the Library of Alexandria burned to ashes in 48 BC.'But in the last decades archaeologists found mummies in Egypt which were stuffed with papyrus, containing excerpts of the original plays … [Read more...]

"THERE ARE NO HAPPY ENDINGS--BECAUSE NOTHING ENDS": So I feel a bit odd about the histrionically anti-happy-endings post from Wednesday night. It's especially weird since my current story (first scene here!) actually does have what I consider to be a genuinely happy ending.So yeah, what the world needs now is love, sweet love... or something like it. … [Read more...]

BLOGROLLING THUNDER: The blogroll (to your left) has been flensed and reorganized. The biggest changes are, obviously, the creation of an "Iraqi Blogs" section (totally stolen from Healing Iraq, who also features a supercool soldiers' blogs section) and the shifting "daily reads" list. I actually try to check in on people who aren't on my daily-reads list quite frequently--chronic insomnia has its benefits--so the changes should be taken solely as a measure of my personal change in focus (less … [Read more...]

IS THAT YOUR REAL MASK?: Ampersand posts on a subject that forms the major theme of the short story I'm blogging: gender or sexual identity. He links to a post that separates out six categories of identity.This post reminded me, actually, of Mommentary's post about the literary characters with whom we've fallen in love. I found it genuinely hard to distinguish between characters I'd fallen for and characters with whom I'd identified. (I'm a narcissist, I guess...!) Grantaire is more an … [Read more...]

"GHOSTS OF THE ABYSS": Just saw my first IMAX movie, a documentary on the exploration of the wreckage of the Titanic. (Yes, this is more of my haunted-ship thing.) I don't know how many movies I'd want to see on IMAX, but this one--with the waves crashing and the soft bacteria stalactites swaying right in your face--was wonderful. An unsubtle but nonetheless poignant picture about disaster; the human drive for the horizon, conquest, and test-your-strength machines; and our restless, … [Read more...]

And the mawkish monsignor, With a head full of plaster, Says, "My man, get your vile soul blogwatched!"...Alan David Doane: Why you should read Palomar. Absolutely.Britius: St. Martin of Tours on St. Bryce (Britius): "If Christ could tolerate Judas, surely I can put up with Bryce." I love saints.Diotima: How do you decide whom to marry?The Old Oligarch: Male headship. EDITED TO ADD: A rejoinder from Mommentary.Sursum Corda: Learning masculinity from one's father. Moving.Tacitus: He … [Read more...]

"Electro! This sensational super-powered criminal became an instant sensation when he first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man #9! And now he returns, more sinister than ever, to face another mighty Marvel super hero... and this, the thrilling account of their epic battle, may well be remembered as long as literature endures!!" --Who could it be but Stan Lee? From "Daredevil #2: The Evil Menace of Electro!" … [Read more...]