VOLUNTEER AT A PRO-LIFE PREGNANY CENTER! Capitol Hill Pregnancy Center, the place where I volunteer, will be holding its next volunteer training sessions in October. EDITED TO ADD: There will be three evening sessions (which I think are two hours each), on October 7, 9, and 16, and one all-day session on Saturday, October 11.This is a great place--you work with amazing, inspiring women (both volunteers and clients--many of our clients are incredible people), and offer counseling and material … [Read more...]


WHAT YOU CAN DO: My short story. You can read the story so far starting here, or just catch the latest installment here. Next installment on Monday. … [Read more...]


MORE ON POWER in V for Vendetta. … [Read more...]


eh, edited for coherence … [Read more...]


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A GUIDE TO THE PATRIOT ACT, PART TWO: So far, very valuable and persuasive. … [Read more...]


DO YOU KNOW WHAT IT'S LIKE TO HATE?: One of the things that convinces me that the temptation that I talked about in the previous post is a big deal: It still amazes me when I wake up and think, Yesterday it didn't get to me.I still don't really know how I got through a life so deeply controlled by an evil temptation. It's so different now--even when it recurs, it's so incredibly weakened--it's so hard for me to think myself back into the state where this temptation controlled my entire life … [Read more...]