SOAP OPERA SUPERHEROES: Forager23 is talking about the X-Men, which has prompted me to do my planned post about Chris Claremont--the good, the bad, and the ugly.The Good: If you like the X-Men, you pretty much have to give this guy props. He made them popular, he created characters that still resonate (Rogue, Wolverine [yeah, I know, but the basic idea is pretty good], Storm, Nightcrawler--yes, I did get into this stuff through the X-movies, why do you ask?) and deepened older characters.He … [Read more...]

WHO ELSE SHOULD BE ON OUR MONEY? A Shrubblogger asks who should be on our currency, if not politicians. While I appreciate the way other countries use cash to honor geniuses in other fields (I especially like Maria Montessori's appearance on Italian money), I do think the US "all politicians all the time" approach works best for us, for two reasons:1) Most of the best and most unique stuff we have given the world has been political. Madison, Jefferson, Lincoln, and Franklin ( about that … [Read more...]

SEARCH FOR A POPE: That was the Time magazine cover the day I was born. Check out the five guys on the cover--where are they now?Thanks to Johnny Bacardi for pointing out the Time birthday search engine! … [Read more...]

NATURAL WOMAN: Good basic piece on natural family planning: "I had no idea I was so beautiful. I found myself near tears one day looking at my chart and thinking, 'Truly, I am fearfully and wonderfully made.' My fertility is not a disease to be treated. It is a wonderful gift. I am a wonderful gift."She had to fight hard to even find out what the Church teaches and how to implement NFP. That's just lousy. We can do bettah!Via the Old Oligarch and his Mantis Mate. If you are one of the freaky … [Read more...]

"...[W]e remain conscious of a desire which no natural happiness will satisfy. But is there any reason to suppose that reality offers any satisfaction to it? 'Nor does the being hungry prove that we have bread.' But I think it may be urged that this misses the point. A man's physical hunger does not prove that man will get any bread; he may die of starvation on a raft in the Atlantic. But surely a man's hunger does prove that5 he comes of a race which repairs its body by eating and inhabits a … [Read more...]

THE GUILTY PARTY FIELDS A CANDIDATE. In New Haven! At last, one of my people runs for office! … [Read more...]

THE DOSTOYEVSKY DRINKING GAME. I feel the need to bring this to your attention once more. … [Read more...]