SMALL PRESS EXPO: I have only the most scattered impressions, since I spent maybe three hours there. Later today I'll review some of the comics I picked up. Here are reports from Sean Collins (d'oh! sorry we were so birdbrained and didn't get in touch until you all had already left for the con), Unqualified Offerings and Polytropos.Randomness:1) UO said the indie-comics conventiongoers looked much like the people at non-indie-oriented comics cons. I suggested that this was probably a good … [Read more...]

PRO-VOUCHER INTERVIEWS SITE: Krubner has restarted his blog Free the Schools, a pro-vouchers site based around interviews with people discussing their experiences with public, private, and home education. … [Read more...]

WHAT YOU CAN DO...: The next installment of my short story. You can go here to read the story so far in order, or just click here to get part three. Part four will be posted on Thursday. … [Read more...]

HER FATHER MOLESTED HER AT AGE 5. At age 14, she was posing for a school superintendent who told her he was a professional photographer; exchanging sexy emails (including "racy" photos of herself) with a cop; and engaging in what I guess you have to call an online sexual relationship with a preacher.Obviously, she's the predator here.Fourteen-year-old girl. Read it and weep. (Notice the role of the mother, too.) Thank heavens for little girls--without them, who would big boys blame? … [Read more...]

HOW SALAM PAX BECAME THE BAGHDAD BLOGGER: Wild stuff. Minor mistake re me; doesn't matter. Via InstaPundit. … [Read more...]

TERRI SCHIAVO. Sorry I haven't blogged about this before. Terrible case in Florida.Here's my related piece from the Register, "Awakenings: Coma Patients Can Recover," which spells out the Church's position on providing food and water to people who cannot feed themselves. … [Read more...]

FREE TRADE LINKS: All of these links are absolutely worth your time. They touch on major issues of economic justice and care for the poor. Read 'em! TechCentralStation free-trade linkfest.Cato symposium, featuring both defenders and opponents of globalization, organized by Radley "Agitator" Balko.And a book review from Reason. Among many other interesting nuggets: "In the United States, sugar quotas alone cost consumers $900 million annually. The high price of sugar has cost the United … [Read more...]