KEEP ON ROCKIN' IN THE FREE WORLD. "I am here today to tell the people of Canada what has happened to me."...I have never had trouble with the police and have always been a good citizen."So I still cannot believe what has happened to me, and how my life and career have been destroyed."Basically this guy was terrorized, isolated (with no outsiders to provide unwanted scrutiny of his case), humiliated, hurt, lied to, shipped to Syria despite his pleas that he would be tortured there, then … [Read more...]

SECRET HABEAS CORPUS CASE UPDATES: The California Yankee has lots of details. This looks like your go-to site for info on the case.Update from Los Volokh. … [Read more...]

THE STAINLESS STEEL MOUSE OF CHINA. Fascinating story: "The 'stainless-steel mouse' is her cyber nom de plume. Her name is Liu Di, and in the one picture available, she has a young face and a wide, shy smile. Until the authorities tracked her down a year ago Friday, she was one of the most famous Internet web masters in China."A third-year psychology student at Beijing Normal University, Ms. Liu formed an artists club, wrote absurdist essays in the style of dissident Eastern-bloc writers of … [Read more...]

KIM JONG-IL IS HERO OF MANGA. I am not making that up. Via Kesher Talk. … [Read more...]

FORMAT VS. FUNCTION? Comics-y stuff. So there's been a lot of discussion lately about floppies (monthly comics, magazine-format) vs. trade paperbacks (comics collections). Here's a good link--I comment there.I can't stand floppies. This despite having spent most of high school creating and reading zines--so it's not that I don't appreciate the cool stuff you can do within the monthly, magazine-y format. What follows is a very personal take; the more theoretical points are the ones I'm least … [Read more...]

Some people think little girls should be seen and not heard, but I think, Oh blogwatch! up yours! 1-2-3-4!!!Camassia: "What's the difference between Christian love and Buddhist compassion? Katherine seemed to imply that Christian love is more passionate, and that seems so to me. Buddhists seek to rid themselves of desire, but Christians have desire all over the place: God desires us, we desire him, we desire each other, etc. I can see why Katherine finds that more appealing than the Void, but … [Read more...]

SHAKE THE MANY HANDS: So I was superlame and didn't mention Sunday's blog get-together. (I missed the Saturday comics-ish blogfest because of a minor intrusion: the wedding of two of my closest friends! This is the first time, by the way, that I'd ever seen a married couple both before and the day after the ceremony, and I was kind of tripped out at how completely normal they seemed. I guess I expected them to grow horns, or to be purple, or something.)Anyway, the Sunday brunch featured Mr. … [Read more...]