TOP TEN SONGS BY FUGEES: CD player: still broken. Old cassette collection: still getting a workout. Thus, I'm thinking about which songs by Fugees members are the best. My votes:10) (tie) "To Zion," from "The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill." Sweetest childbirth song ever. And "Gunpowder," from "Carnival." Cliched but still really affecting. I hate myself for getting all worked up by this song. "The preacher man told me, 'Good things come to those who wait.'/Do good things come to those who … [Read more...]

I REALLY COULDN'T MAKE MYSELF ENJOY GULLIVER'S TRAVELS, but this is cool nonetheless. Via the Shrubbloggers. … [Read more...]

"WHAT YOU CAN DO FOR YOUR COUNTRY": My short story. You can read the story so far starting here; or just read today's installment here. (Actually, I recommend reading from the beginning, because I made a fairly significant change in order to shorten the story.)I think there are about three episodes left. Next one should be posted Monday. … [Read more...]

DREAM SEQUENCES: COMICS REVIEWS. Raise your hand when you spot the growing obsession!Finder: Dream Sequence: A big and creepy story about the perils of being the audience or the artist--living in someone else's dream, and being the one whose dreamworld attracts so many tourists.Magri is the creator of Elsewhere, a virtual reality filled with landscapes and lightning storms that he has never seen, but has imagined so vividly that everyone else wants a piece of the dream. Ayo works standing up … [Read more...]

MARK SHEA WANTS YOUR MONEY. This guy provides a host of links, fulmination, theological sanity, and attitudinal wit, every single day. Why not kick in a few kopecks? … [Read more...]

GROWL. Apparently my apartment building is conducting an all-day fire alarm test, with very. loud. alarms. at random intervals throughout the day. So I'm going to the library. More later.In the meantime, Camassia has a good post up on gender and bullying, and there's a lot of debate about fidelity and relationship models at (with one long post from me). I'll pitch in more there later, either today or tomorrow.Off to escape the klaxon of doom. … [Read more...]

EASILY AMUSED. Funniest complaint about comments-box fluctuations I've seen.Shea also asks about favorite books (not "best," but favorite). Here are mine. You will notice a distinct skew away from "best," but not, I think, entirely leaving that high ground. In order of how fast I call them to mind.Peter S. Beagle, The Last UnicornWilliam Shakespeare, Hamlet, Henry IV 1 & 2, and, like, pretty much everything else. Someday I'll get it together to post my paper on Shakespeare's "tragic … [Read more...]