GENDER: Ampersand posts a fierce and heartfelt rebuttal of my blog comments (and possibly my JWR column?) on gender roles.He argues that supporting gender roles at all means fostering the kind of brutal enforcement of rigid gender roles that made his youth awful: "The belief that there is a correct 'gender role' which must be taught inevitably leads to child abuse, in my opinion." I can definitely sympathize; it should be obvious that I think what happened to him was evil. In fact, I think in … [Read more...]

SAME-SEX MARRIAGE RESPONSES PART ONE: Jonathan Rauch responds; then Maggie Gallagher.Dave Tepper responds but misses what I meant w/r/t why it's important to talk about sex, not just committed loving relationships, when we talk about marriage.... I genuinely do not think the SSM debate reduces to, or even needs to address, "Is sodomy A-OK?" But I can see that I was unclear about that. Hope to make my point clearer a little later today, when I respond to Ampersand's lengthy post. … [Read more...]

Blogwatch sat bathing by a stream where fairest shades did hide her....Body and Soul: Mentally ill man dies naked and alone in jail after being arrested for panhandling. What more to say.Unqualified Offerings: Property rights in Iraq.Edward Gorey at Yale.GodSpy--new Catholic online mag. Sleek, has an article by Fr. (Msgr?) Lorenzo Albacete, looks intriguing though I haven't had time to check it out.In insomnia-related news, I made the top picture on this page my desktop background. … [Read more...]

IRAQNESS: Unqualified Offerings links to this really interesting discussion of the proposed Polish role in the rebuilding of Iraq, and how it fell apart. As he notes, there's some discussion of the main post's veracity (in comments here and here). The author of the initial piece comes out strongly in support of the war, and it's being published on an Objectivist site, so there's some potentially relevant background info.More on the rebuilding and information sources here (via Body and Soul). … [Read more...]

DOING ZOMBIE RHUMBA: I've had extremely bad insomnia for almost a week now. Am operating on approx. three hours of sleep. Apologies if I get punchy or discombobulated. Anyway, on with the show.... … [Read more...]

"The trademark [John] Adams style might be described as 'enlightened perversity,' which actually sought out occasions to display, often in conspicuous fashion, his capacity for self-sacrifice. He had defended the British troops accused of the Boston Massacre, insisted upon American independence in the Continental Congress a full year before it was fashionable, argued for a more exalted conception of the presidency despite charges of monarchical tendencies. It was all part of the Adams pattern, … [Read more...]

"IN HIS FINAL DAYS, FORGIVENESS." Wow. Via E-Pression. … [Read more...]