Blogwatch on the streets of London, Blogwatch on the streets of Humberside...Riverbend Blog: Anybody got more info on this?: "This media free-for-all [in Iraq] lasted for about two months. Then, some newspapers were ‘warned’ that some of their political content was unacceptable- especially when discussing occupation forces. One or two papers were actually shut down, while others were made to retract some of what they had written. The news channels followed suit. The CPA came out with a list of … [Read more...]

"WHAT IF THERE IS SOMETHING GOING ON IN THERE?": "Daniel Rios is 24 years old, with wavy black hair, a thick mustache and a glassy stare that seems to look both at you and through you. One day almost four years ago, while he was taking a shower, a blood vessel ruptured in his brain, and he collapsed on the bathroom floor. After emergency surgery, he lay in a coma for three weeks. When he finally opened his eyes, he could not speak or move his body; his head simply lolled. In the months that … [Read more...]

"In the [John] Adams formulation, aristocracies were to society as the passions were to the individual personality, permanent fixtures susceptible to disciplined containment and artful channeling, but never altogether removable." --Founding Brothers … [Read more...]

Are you not loyal to your pride? Are you not on the blogwatch side?The Center for the Future of Russia has a blog tracking anti-liberal developments in that beleaguered country. Via Cacciaguida.Forager23: If I ran film grad school... "The movies shown will include canonical classics, pure period pieces, forgotten gems, as well as the occasional piece of utter crap, just to keep our students guessing."Inappropriate Response: On same-sex marriage. Over the weekend, assuming my archives … [Read more...]

"Anyone ever tell you that you have a dormant, deep-rooted hostility complex?" --Henry McCoy, to a prehistoric guy riding a giant carnivorous bird, Essential Uncanny X-Men vol. 1 a.k.a. a big book made out of ice cream … [Read more...]

BROKEN RECORD (ME, NOT HIM): Unqualified Offerings on me on same-sex marriage. I guess I just find it odd that a hardcore libertarian like UO (that's not an insult! seriously!) is defending SSM rather than simply saying marriage should be just another contract. I mean, unless we are starring in "Willard," we all have intense personal relationships. Why do these relationships suddenly become the state's business when we start sleeping together? Why do we need/seek/prefer state sanction and status … [Read more...]

U.S. OUT OF SAUDI ARABIA: Whoa. Wow. This is really important.Also, perhaps relatedly, an article on Saddam/Osama ties. I seem to recall some of these being significantly shaky. And if they weren't shaky... I mean, everyone has to assume the Bush administration is wildly incompetent at something, right? People who oppose war in Iraq have to assume he's screwing that up majorly, and people who support it have to assume he's doing OK in the actual war but totally stupid when it comes to … [Read more...]