I'M LEO. "As the captain of the Bartlet Administration's boat, the chief of staff is a work-a-holic. Although he is sometimes haunted by the demons of his past alcohol and drug abuse, because of his character and perserverance there is no one more admired on the staff than he."I've never watched "The West Wing," and would be perfectly content if I never heard the word "Sheen" again without the word "Fulton" close by, so I can't comment on the veracity of this comparison. Anyway, I found this … [Read more...]


We watch the blogs at night, We go where eagles dare...Alan David Doane says Palomar, the new and enormous collection of Gilbert Hernandez's Love and Rockets comics set in a fictional South American small town, is a great way for people who haven't picked up L&R; yet to start. I don't rightly know--I hate gigantic books (if I can't read it in the tub what good is it?), but I do see that it can be difficult to start with one of the great G. Hernandez comics like "Human Diastrophism" or … [Read more...]


"NOW AND AT THE HOUR." Finished the final section of the rough draft of my latest short story. Since it's been over a week since I posted the last chunk, I suggest just starting at the beginning, but if you just want the last section it's here.This is what the story's about: "I hadn't been expecting to come back to life. I think I'd seen a quick segment about revival on the evening news, or maybe glanced through a magazine article in the checkout line. But I certainly didn't know it was … [Read more...]


COMING DISTRACTIONS: Here's what you'll find on this site late tonight, tomorrow, and/or Wednesday (depending on how fast I blaze through my Real Work): the conclusion of "Now and at the Hour"; more thoughts on Watchmen; the first several of a series of short posts replying to Grotesque Anatomy's vast reply to me on same-sex marriage; thoughts on superhero concepts vs. execution (in which, among other things, I will valiantly defend oft-overlooked aspects of the generally lame concept of the … [Read more...]


FINAL MOVIE NOTE: Forgot to mention that Jesse Walker rightly took me to task for implying that "The Ice Storm" is nihilist. Very poor word choice on my part. The thing I was trying to get at is that TIS is--or, at least, this is how it feels to me when I watch it--purely negative. It tells you how awful it is to live in a culture that's losing its moral compass. But there's not a very vivid sense of what you should do, what right action and love would look like. In that respect it reminds me of … [Read more...]


TODAY, THE SCORE SO FAR: Plus: Indian summer. Man oh Manischevitz, what a beautiful day it was! It was basktastic. I made like a lizard on a rock for much of the afternoon, reading in Dupont Circle.Mocha frappuccino. I hate myself for loving something called "mocha frappuccino."Did a chunk of work and a chunk of fiction.Yapped with the Rat for an hour or so.Minus: Total, all-night, catastrophic insomnia, followed by one of those killer midday naps that always leave me feeling much worse … [Read more...]


SECRET HABEAS CORPUS CASE? That's freaky. All my hackles are at attention for this one. If anyone has more info please send. I couldn't find anything at TalkLeft but maybe I just missed it.From Law.com: "A South Florida waiter who was detained in the aftermath of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks has asked the U.S. Supreme Court to decide whether U.S. District Judge Paul C. Huck in Miami and the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals abused their discretion by sealing his case without explanation. … [Read more...]