WOMAN WHO WAS ALMOST DIAGNOSED AS "PERSISTENTLY VEGETATIVE" SPEAKS TO NPR. This link, which I can't listen to but you should, I got via a characteristically sound piece on Terri Schiavo from Mickey Kaus. (I don't know how to permalink him, but scroll down to "NPR vs. NPR.")Excerpts from the Kaus post: "I was just growing more sympathetic to the cause of those who want to pull the plug on Terri Schiavo--then I heard an eye-opening interview on NPR's Day to Day with a woman who says she was … [Read more...]


Oh Cecilia, you're watchin' my blog, You're shakin' my confidence daily....Bruce Baugh: More praise for Uzumaki, the killer-spiral Japanese comic: "Ito never lectures on this point, but he shows by contrast with the alternative how much a meaningful life depends on a society and a world in which actions have consequences, choices exist, and there is both a knowable past and a comprehensible future. That's all gone by the time Kirie and her friend and almost-lover Shuichi see the power behind … [Read more...]


"Patterns of family pathology clearly don't change with the number of wives on the premises." --Against Love on polygamy. Since I've now given you two quotes from AL where Kipnis offers piercing insights, I figured I'd throw one of her more irritating moments your way. Here Kipnis makes the common and over-easy assumption that family structure has nothing to do with family happiness--it's all about the individuals, not the institutions and forms they set up to channel and guide their actions. … [Read more...]


MOVIE NOTES: Sean Collins's case against "Grosse Pointe Blank," which I think isn't wrong so much as incomplete. I'm not sure I can be fully reasonable about this movie, since I think it's about being lost and searching for meaning and I just so happened to see it several times when I was in that exact state. So I, like, related. But I'll make three quick points:1) I agree that you're not asked to view Martin Blank as awful. You're asked to view him as blank (not a subtle movie, you know?). … [Read more...]


back soon … [Read more...]


ALL SAINTS: Thought it might be interesting to list the saints whose examples have played a particularly strong role in my own life. If other Catholic, Orthodox, Episcopalian etc. bloggers want to join in I'd be quite happy.Prayer to saints is a huge part of my prayer life. I don't need them--if I really thought I had to "go it alone," I would--but knowing I can pray for their intercession and draw strength from their examples really helps me in everyday life and in the (frequent) prayers in … [Read more...]


"HE STOLE PLENTY BUT HE HELPED US PLENTY TOO and he tried over and over again to pull himself out of the gutter. Far worse were the pharisees who used to cluck also. 'Look at that Bill saying the rosary tonight when he was drunk as a lord last night.' Thank God he prayed. The Blessed Mother is remembering him now since he remembered her then."and much more from Dorothy Day, for All Souls Day. Via Sed Contra, who has a great post on today's feast here: "The message, the task, the call to be … [Read more...]