"I'm too weird to be a tourist and not weird enough to be an employee." --Carla Speed McNeil, Finder: King of the Cats … [Read more...]


COMICS WORTH READING... AND ALSO SOME OTHER COMICS: In alphabetical order, to maximize randomness!Cuckoo #12: Subtitle: "One woman's true stories of living with Multiple Personality Disorder." Gripping story, rough scratchy intermittently lovely art, memorable images. This issue is a sampler. It begins with the narrator denying that she has multiple personalities, then opening her diary and seeing the riot of differing handwritings and voices. It ends with a ferocious, blackly funny rewriting … [Read more...]


"THE SECRET LIVES OF DENTISTS": Saw the movie yesterday, per parental recommendation. It's excellent. I can't add to the chorus of married people who have said it is one of the best representations of real marriage that they've seen on the silver screen, but I will say that many, many of the moments rang exactly true to me. The kids act like real kids. There's a subtle moment where someone says, "I love you," and means it--and it's exactly the wrong thing to say. This is a hard-hitting movie. … [Read more...]


INVITATION TO A BEHEADING: Finished this last night. What a frustrating book! It begins brilliantly. Its sharp, twisty, surrealist prose style conveys a vivid sense of powerlessness and absurdity; its psychological portraits of the prisoner and his guards were harsh and accurate. The cloudier moments hinted at a description of a Fallen world. Nabokov (and/or his translator, a relative) had the same gift for choosing the exact right word that James Wood does--but Wood works that talent so hard, … [Read more...]


THOUGHTS ON ISAIAH 45:9-12 AND A REVIEW BY HAROLD BLOOM: The collapse of the attempt to pit ethics against God the Creator:1) The world is malformed. It is not Fallen--it was not created good--its deformation, its wreckage, is the fault of its Maker. It is His fault.2) In order to say that, I must know right from wrong, beauty from ugliness, acceptable from unacceptable. But I do know--you can't deny me that!--and what God has done is unacceptable. This work gets an F.3) Where did this … [Read more...]


URBAN LEGENDS SITE CLARIFIES ENTRY ON POST-9/11 SAUDI "SECRET FLIGHTS." Can't remember where I saw this. … [Read more...]


CACCIAGUIDA HAS MOVED to Can Grande Della Scala. … [Read more...]