COSTUMED VIGILANTES: This past week I had an opportunity to compare the Supreme Court to Watchmen. For an explanation, you could do worse than this column. … [Read more...]

I'M SECURE IN MY MASCULINITY: A friend ran my emails to a discussion list through the Gender Genie. Apparently I'm very very manly. Grrrr!!!! Aaaarrrrr!!!The friend speculates that argument-language registers as "male" whereas personal observations register as female. Sure, whatever.I argue (and observe, but mostly argue!) in favor of gender roles but against gender rigidity here.Off to eat red meat and dip girls' pigtails in inkwells. … [Read more...]

"Leeches and bleeding served a similar purpose in previous models of the body. However, we moderns 'express our feelings' in lieu of our fluids, because everyone knows that those who don't are more disease-prone, and more subject to cancer, ulcers, or a host of other dire ailments." --Against Love … [Read more...]

I'm looking for a blogwatch Someone who gets things fixed Ask yourself this question: "Do you want to get rich?"Grotesque Anatomy: Vast, comprehensive, challenging, helpful, and quite wrong (I say with love) post about same-sex marriage, replying in depth to, well, me. Also, good post about Watchmen. More on both of these posts presently. This week is insane for me, so... watch the skies, I guess. I'll try to get to both of these posts by Friday.Kairos: "What's the best, most accessible book … [Read more...]

"The modern self is constituted as a bundle of needs waiting to be met, meaning that intimacy will be, by definition, rather a fraught and anxious scene." --Against Love … [Read more...]

"GROSSE POINTE BLANK" IS AMORAL? Weird-o. I thought it was one of the most blatantly moral films of the 1990s. I mean, "have babies and stop killing people" doesn't seem hyper-subtle to me. It struck me as the funny, non-nihilist, sadder-but-wiser, and did I mention funny? version of "The Ice Storm." … [Read more...]

THE NOVEMBER ISSUE OF CRISIS isn't online yet, but it's really good. Cover article on demonic activity by someone who initially regarded the assignment as a "spooky thrill," but found out it was much, much more intense than that. Very useful piece on Left Behind--don't get caught in the Rapture-mania. Also, I have a book review (of Amy Chua's World on Fire: How Exporting Free-Market Democracy Breeds Ethnic Hatred and Global Instability), and the always-acute Sandra Miesel has a guest column on … [Read more...]