PREACHING IN THE LANGUAGE OF THE BODY: An excellent Washington Post piece on our ailing Pope. Moving and theologically rich. Via Amy Welborn. … [Read more...]

BLOGORAMA: Unqualified Offerings has the report. Julian Sanchez has the photos. It was fun. Am still chewing over the Eve/UO same-sex marriage argument; more on that, of course, later on this site and on the MarriageDebate site. And yeah, Hulk smash. … [Read more...]

TERRI SCHIAVO: Kausfiles is acute.Father Johansen is on the scene in Florida: "But then they added that they would physically prevent him from giving Terri communion. ..."(a) Terri is responsive to those around her, in distinctive ways (she responds to different people differently)."(b) All three doctors testified definitively and convincingly that Terri is NOT in a Persistent Vegetative State or coma. They all but begged the reporters present to stop reporting her as "brain dead" or … [Read more...]

THE ARSONIST OF THE HEART: Two related poems, both hardcore and hard-hitting, from Dappled Things and the Old Oligarch. Neither one grabbed me stylistically, but each had several ferocious images that made me glad I'd read 'em. … [Read more...]

Counting flowers on the wall Doesn't bother me at all Playing solitaire 'til dawn With a deck of fifty-one Blogging cigarettes and watching "Captain Kangaroo"-- Don't tell me I've nothing to do!...Amy Welborn: Healing after clerical sexual abuse.Relapsed Catholic: Review of Michael Rose's new book about good priests. Forthright.Sean Collins: Fascinating reviews of "Eyes Wide Shut" and "Barton Fink," both of which I'll probably rent soon based on his posts. Also, essays on sound in "The … [Read more...]

"No reliable statistics are available on the average time lapse between utterances such as 'I just can't' or 'This probably isn't a good idea' and the commencement of [adulterous] foreplay, but sociolinguists should consider investigating their peculiar aphrodisiacal power." --Laura Kipnis, Against Love: A Polemic. This book oscillates wildly between acute social satire--kind of like if Jane Austen and Walker Percy had a love child who couldn't write very well--and dumb-as-a-stump naivete. I … [Read more...]

EVERY DAY IS LIKE POETRY WEDNESDAY: From WH Auden. If it's not love, then it's the bomb that will bring us together... but the part of this poem I can never get out of my head is the babes in the wood:I sit in one of the dives [clipped] … [Read more...]