DC BLOG GATHERING TOMORROW NIGHT! I will be there. … [Read more...]


END-OF-LIFE ISSUES LINKS: From Sursum Corda, a roundup of Catholic documents. (I disagree for a bunch of reasons with the way several of the commenters at his site apply these docs to the Terri Schiavo case, but still, he's really doing a service by providing the links.) From The Weekly Standard, "The Battle for Terri." … [Read more...]


SSM: ALTARED STATES: Both sides of the same-sex marriage debate often get muddled up when considering the fact that marriage is a religious as well as a civil institution. Opponents of same-sex marriage sometimes speak as if the fact that something is condemned by the Bible is enough to justify its illegality, or as if civil marriage needs to mirror sacramental or religious marriage. That's pretty clearly not true in any country without an established religion.But there are serious … [Read more...]


HERE COMES DERRIDA, THE PHILOSOPHER WITHOUT FEAR! Over the weekend I had a small-scale revelation. I've written here and here about my problems with Derrida's version of deconstruction--but the Old Oligarch wrote a superb essay on the ways in which an authentic intellectual conservatism could and should be deconstructionist, and so I had to start rethinking my take on the guy. Here's a scattershot post on where I'm at now:J.D. is very big on being open to the avenir, the what-is-to-come, the … [Read more...]




WATCHING THE DETECTIVES: Comics reviews. Snapshots first, then longer reports. Next installment will review Cuckoo, Jar of Fools, and Uzumaki. The longer reviews in this installment are in alphabetical order, which means they end on a hell of a note. This was a very, very good trip to the comics shop.First, the short takes: Sean Collins asked, lo these many weeks ago, for recommendations of horror/frightening comics. I finally thought of a few. All from Love and Rockets.The most horrific … [Read more...]


IF I OWE YOU EMAIL, and I bet I do... um... I'll totally write back later this week. But don't sit by the phone (...not that you were). I'm swamped and scattershot. Just so you know, I'm not ignoring you, and if you said nice or at least conciliatory things I do appreciate it. … [Read more...]