IRAQNESS: Unqualified Offerings links to this really interesting discussion of the proposed Polish role in the rebuilding of Iraq, and how it fell apart. As he notes, there's some discussion of the main post's veracity (in comments here and here). The author of the initial piece comes out strongly in support of the war, and it's being published on an Objectivist site, so there's some potentially relevant background info.More on the rebuilding and information sources here (via Body and Soul). … [Read more...]

DOING ZOMBIE RHUMBA: I've had extremely bad insomnia for almost a week now. Am operating on approx. three hours of sleep. Apologies if I get punchy or discombobulated. Anyway, on with the show.... … [Read more...]

"The trademark [John] Adams style might be described as 'enlightened perversity,' which actually sought out occasions to display, often in conspicuous fashion, his capacity for self-sacrifice. He had defended the British troops accused of the Boston Massacre, insisted upon American independence in the Continental Congress a full year before it was fashionable, argued for a more exalted conception of the presidency despite charges of monarchical tendencies. It was all part of the Adams pattern, … [Read more...]

"IN HIS FINAL DAYS, FORGIVENESS." Wow. Via E-Pression. … [Read more...]

HERE IN DC, it was just your basic fierce summer storm. The sky turned light purple with rain for a while. Wind whipped the lampposts around. The streets went white with rain, then dark and wet. Then it stopped. Now everything is gray and the Metro is open again. So much for Isabel.UPDATE: Well, apparently Iz did some serious huffin' and puffin' here after all--I saw a big uprooted tree on Capitol Hill, and Russo reported seeing a tree blocking off 18th Street and a lamppost bent in half. … [Read more...]

THOUGHTS ON THE A.F.F. SAME-SEX MARRIAGE DEBATE: Scattered impressions, of course--what, you expected concise paragraphs in military formation?The panelists were Pia de Solenni, Robert Knight, Patrick Guerrerro, and Jonathan Rauch. Rauch was by far the best speaker, as I'd expected. He kicked off the panel with a strong defense of two things that may or may not be the same thing: marriage, and "long-term caring relationships," "someone to come home to," someone to provide stability in one's … [Read more...]

CONFESSIONS OF A FAILED SOUTHERN LADY: Recently finished Florence King's autobiography. I'd told myself that I would be good, and stick to my reading list, but King was just too tempting! This is definitely the kind of book you devour--engrossing and a fast read. It takes you through King's childhood (caught between Granny's fevered discourse on "woman troubles" and Mama's fierce tomboyisms), college, brief stint as a lady Marine, grad school at Ole Miss (easily the best part of the book), and … [Read more...]