SILVER SCREAMS: More movie thoughts, in and out of synch with Sean Collins. Follow-up to this post.1) He's almost entirely right about "The Birds." His take on the movie itself is totally right on. I think it's more unusual for Hitchcock than he does, but maybe that's because I think movies about original sin ("Strangers on a Train") are pretty much the opposite of movies about evil as absurdity ("The Birds"). I do feel the need to point out that Hitchcock's scariest movie, as well as the best … [Read more...]

TERRI SCHIAVO UPDATES here and here. One is reminded of Gandhi's comment when asked what he thought of Western civilization: "I think it would be a very good idea."UPDATE: Florida House votes to let Gov. Bush intervene. Pray, please. (This article both accepts the demeaning and vague term "persistent vegetative state," and assumes Terri is in that state, but ignore that for the breaking news.) … [Read more...]

Well I've been a blogwatcher on LSD And I've rode bare-a***d on the top of the Sphinx I've even done a gold ribbon [???] on the top of Kismet And well, that was fun for a while, you bet, but...Cacciaguida: What's the difference between bawdy and crude?Camassia on Andrew Sullivan's "leaving the Church, keeping the faith" statements. Follow-up here. Both well worth your time.Dappled Things: "The Moslems are, yet again, wreaking terror and havoc in our country by wearing their very dangerous … [Read more...]

ARTSY: Fun quote from a friend: "Artsy, as in there are naked people in it? Or artsy, as in, 'this is boring'?" … [Read more...]

BACK from a weekend trip to sunny New Haven. Always invigorating to see college students pursuing truth in friendship and with joy. … [Read more...]

"'Need answers quickly. World on verge of apocalypse. Death and war already here."'Other horsemen can't be far behind.'"Rameses... Password incomplete: Do you wish to add a rider?" --Watchmen … [Read more...]

NOT DEAD YET. Place to go for Terri Schiavo news. … [Read more...]