WHICH DOSTOYEVSKY PROTAGONIST ARE YOU? It got me completely wrong, but hey, neat idea for a quiz. … [Read more...]


POSSIBLE ACORN OF INSIGHT: I'm not really sure how to expand on this thought, but I really do think that many of the divisions in the debate over same-sex marriage come down to this: Do you think this debate is about heterosexuals and homosexuals, or do you think this debate is about men and women? … [Read more...]


SAME-SEX MISHEGOSS: I have more posts at MarriageDebate.com, and Jonathan Rauch (with whom I had an entirely pleasant prior interaction working on the "Christianity from the Outside" symposium for Crisis) replies to my previous posts.Gene Vilensky also replies to a swathe of my second MD.com post. I wrote, "Marriage is a political (legal) issue, not solely a cultural issue, precisely because when a man and a woman have sex they often produce a child, and that child needs to be protected. The … [Read more...]


Don't know why we blogwatched We never did before; Now that I know how much it hurts I hope we never blogwatch anymore!Amy Welborn: Thoughts on renewing Catholic life in the US. Lots of interesting (and occasionally flip) points.Baghdad Burning: New blog from Dear_Raed correspondent Riverbend.Forager 23 and The Leibman Theory: Yet more helpful stuff re comics, opera, and musicals.InstaPundit: More on possible problems with John "More Guns, Less Crime" Lott's research.And, in Lebanon's … [Read more...]


PBS FRONTLINE 1983 "ABORTION CLINIC": Video here. I haven't watched it (my computer has a hard time with video) but can think of many reasons to check it out. Apparently it does contain pretty graphic images of abortion, so be forewarned. Via a comment at Hit & Run. … [Read more...]


DAPPLED THINGS WANTS TO KNOW the Meyers-Briggs scores of St. Blog's parishioners. Apparently this is my type: Your personality type is INTP.Introverted (I) 64% Extraverted (E) 36% Intuitive (N) 77% Sensing (S) 23% Thinking (T) 55% Feeling (F) 45% Perceiving (P) 68% Judging (J) 32%I'm pretty sure when I took the quiz last night, though, I came out as INTJ rather than INTP, and tilted far more strongly toward thinking over feeling than I did today. So, not sure how useful this is really. … [Read more...]


"By stripping down an image to its essential 'meaning,' an artist can amplify that meaning in a way that realistic art can't." --Understanding Comics … [Read more...]