"THE SECRET LIVES OF DENTISTS": Saw the movie yesterday, per parental recommendation. It's excellent. I can't add to the chorus of married people who have said it is one of the best representations of real marriage that they've seen on the silver screen, but I will say that many, many of the moments rang exactly true to me. The kids act like real kids. There's a subtle moment where someone says, "I love you," and means it--and it's exactly the wrong thing to say. This is a hard-hitting movie. … [Read more...]


INVITATION TO A BEHEADING: Finished this last night. What a frustrating book! It begins brilliantly. Its sharp, twisty, surrealist prose style conveys a vivid sense of powerlessness and absurdity; its psychological portraits of the prisoner and his guards were harsh and accurate. The cloudier moments hinted at a description of a Fallen world. Nabokov (and/or his translator, a relative) had the same gift for choosing the exact right word that James Wood does--but Wood works that talent so hard, … [Read more...]


THOUGHTS ON ISAIAH 45:9-12 AND A REVIEW BY HAROLD BLOOM: The collapse of the attempt to pit ethics against God the Creator:1) The world is malformed. It is not Fallen--it was not created good--its deformation, its wreckage, is the fault of its Maker. It is His fault.2) In order to say that, I must know right from wrong, beauty from ugliness, acceptable from unacceptable. But I do know--you can't deny me that!--and what God has done is unacceptable. This work gets an F.3) Where did this … [Read more...]


URBAN LEGENDS SITE CLARIFIES ENTRY ON POST-9/11 SAUDI "SECRET FLIGHTS." Can't remember where I saw this. … [Read more...]


CACCIAGUIDA HAS MOVED to Can Grande Della Scala. … [Read more...]


SMALL PRESS EXPO: I have only the most scattered impressions, since I spent maybe three hours there. Later today I'll review some of the comics I picked up. Here are reports from Sean Collins (d'oh! sorry we were so birdbrained and didn't get in touch until you all had already left for the con), Unqualified Offerings and Polytropos.Randomness:1) UO said the indie-comics conventiongoers looked much like the people at non-indie-oriented comics cons. I suggested that this was probably a good … [Read more...]


PRO-VOUCHER INTERVIEWS SITE: Krubner has restarted his blog Free the Schools, a pro-vouchers site based around interviews with people discussing their experiences with public, private, and home education. … [Read more...]