In a boat (boat) (boat) you and I will go and we'll sail straight North to where everything's snow and the narwhal is the primary source of vitamin C on the blogwatch sea that's where we'll be...You know that movie, "The Stuff"? Where the killer yogurt eats the yuppies? OK, so probably you don't know it, all the better for you--but basically, I feel like The Stuff has moved into my skull for a belated Labor Day vacation. I hab a code, in other words. So blogging will be light and possibly … [Read more...]

"UNBREAKABLE": Polytropos just watched this movie for the second time. I add my thoughts in his comments box. (Oh man is there a spoiler in that post! Please don't click if you haven't seen this excellent movie!) … [Read more...]

LITTLE JOYS: Perhaps a marginal comment on the "Thinking for Berky"/political utopianism post below. … [Read more...]

NOT FITTING IN: Good new theological FAQ from Telford Work. The question: "I keep visiting churches, but I just don't fit. I always feel out of place. What am I supposed to do?"Part of the response: "Christian faith is not a fascistic cause to which each of us sacrifices his or her identity. Nor is it an individualistic journey in which each of us goes it alone. It refuses both the warm comfort of assimilation and the cold comfort of isolation, for the ultimate and only true comfort of … [Read more...]

LITTLE TRIGGERS: So I've been thinking, as I mentioned a few days ago, about Unqualified Offering's thought-provoking post on the equally thought-provoking poem "Thinking for Berky."I talked w/UO very briefly about the poem over the weekend. I agree with him that it isn't quietist, though it may at first come off that way. It's cautionary. It's a poem that urges us to turn down the volume in our heads, to be wary of ultimatums, obvious heroics, and politics as opera. It's conservative in the … [Read more...]

JUDICA ME DEUS--THE FINAL COMEDOWN. OK, the rough draft of my short story, "Judica me Deus (Judge Me, O God)" is now complete. You can read the whole thing in order here, or just catch up with the last segment here. Not a work-safe link etc. etc.There are several things I don't think I got quite right with this story, so I would very much appreciate any responses (esp. criticism) you all have. I've been writing fiction for a while, so I do know what it feels like to get detailed and difficult … [Read more...]

GOOD POINT re Baghdad, blogs, gender, and detachment, at Letter from Gotham. … [Read more...]