A GUIDE TO THE PATRIOT ACT, PART TWO: So far, very valuable and persuasive. … [Read more...]


DO YOU KNOW WHAT IT'S LIKE TO HATE?: One of the things that convinces me that the temptation that I talked about in the previous post is a big deal: It still amazes me when I wake up and think, Yesterday it didn't get to me.I still don't really know how I got through a life so deeply controlled by an evil temptation. It's so different now--even when it recurs, it's so incredibly weakened--it's so hard for me to think myself back into the state where this temptation controlled my entire life … [Read more...]


YOU'RE IN LOVE, BUT IT FEELS LIKE PAIN: Fantastic comments thread sparked by Amy Welborn. I have three thoughts:1) I am so glad someone had the honesty to talk about his problems with faith here. And I'm also hugely grateful that someone responded with what I think is the essential insight: "Most people confuse strength, hope and courage with feeling strong, hopeful, and unafraid."A lot of people will try to help you find The Answer to your struggle with the Christian faith. You know, … [Read more...]


IF IT WASN'T FOR DISAPPOINTMENTS, I WOULDN'T HAVE ANY APPOINTMENTS: Decent, intermittently insightful Glenn Reynolds column on self-employment and the new-new-new-new-no this time I really mean it! new-economy.My deal: I started freelancing because I was laid off. Nowadays I do think hard about which tradeoffs I'd be willing to make--how much autonomy would I cash in? The main thing that makes me want a Real Job is absolutely health care. COBRA is a poisonous snake, and self-insurance isn't … [Read more...]


I woke up this morning with a bad hangover and my blogwatch was missing again...Dappled Things: In today's only non-comics blogwatch link (WAIT! NO! READ FURTHER!), Father Tucker answers my question about when a homily is really a sermon and vice versa. Interestingly, "homily" is the most directly Scripture-linked term, while "sermon" is a more free-floating, umbrella term. I know you care! (Also, there's an interesting point for us St. Anselm junkies.) Plus an excellent post on sex and … [Read more...]


"I'm too weird to be a tourist and not weird enough to be an employee." --Carla Speed McNeil, Finder: King of the Cats … [Read more...]


COMICS WORTH READING... AND ALSO SOME OTHER COMICS: In alphabetical order, to maximize randomness!Cuckoo #12: Subtitle: "One woman's true stories of living with Multiple Personality Disorder." Gripping story, rough scratchy intermittently lovely art, memorable images. This issue is a sampler. It begins with the narrator denying that she has multiple personalities, then opening her diary and seeing the riot of differing handwritings and voices. It ends with a ferocious, blackly funny rewriting … [Read more...]