Baby, better come back, maybe next week 'Cause you see I'm on a blogwatch streak...Dappled Things: Rejoice in the Lord--and reject "spiritual" sullenness. Great reminder, well worth your time.Hit & Run: Political interrogations at the NYPD. Egregious.Mommentary vs. me on superheroes. I should say 1) I love both Raymond Chandler and Philip Marlowe; I was dissing, not the character or author, but the floridly sentimental bit of writing cited in the original anti-superheroes piece. 2) … [Read more...]

TECHNICAL QUERY: Hola. I'd like to start posting serial excerpts from short stories every week-ish, as below. This would push me to write more and also add a new element to the blog. However, I know the excerpt below is a) very long and b) uh, pungent. So I'd like to do that nifty thing you see on almost everyone else's blog, where after the beginning of the post there's a link labeled "more..." and when you click that link you are taken to the rest of the post. I could do this by setting up a … [Read more...]

SOMETHING DIFFERENT: The first scene of a short story I'm working on. Tentatively titled "Judicame Deus (Judge Me, O God)." Be forewarned: graphic language and situations. To read part one of the story, click here... … [Read more...]

It was then I knew that I'd rather be With a .22 caliber next to me Than the blogwatch...EDITED TO ADD: How could I forget Letter from Gotham's wild post on Australian Jewish convict history?Hardcore, sharp comments from Lileks on Gene Robinson and marriage (scroll to the last item).Marriage Debate blog is debating civil unions and whatnot. Will see if I have anything useful to say (but not this minute; see below).Which movies do Presidents watch? Fascinating trivia, via Hit & Run. … [Read more...]

SHANKERY: I need a brief break from same-sex marriage stuff, so will not be posting on it again until tonight at the earliest or Saturday at the latest. I will reply to stuff people have said, though, and I will give you the promised "mechanism" post, again, by Saturday at the latest. For the moment, you can see responses to my posts at Amptoons (scroll around--and be sure to check out his post on Hiroshima while you're there) and riting on the wall. More soon.EDITED TO ADD: Lawrence Krubner … [Read more...]

IT'S NOT ONLINE, NOR WILL IT BE, but if you live in/around DC you should check out the current City Paper story about the attorney who prosecutes cops accused of unnecessary, demeaning, and/or physically damaging cavity searches. An important article. … [Read more...]

WHAT HANDGUN ARE YOU? I'm a S&W; .44 Magnum. Mmmm. "You are old school. Fat Sheriff Deputies fancy you. Reliable but not too practical." Via Tepper. … [Read more...]