BETHESDA, ANGEL: Schedule for the Small Press Expo. I'll be there. … [Read more...]

"WHAT YOU CAN DO FOR YOUR COUNTRY": My next fiction project. The first installment is here. These installments will be shorter than for "Judica me Deus (Judge Me, O God)," and there will be more of them, so I will try to post at least twice a week. This is a harsh little story, although the first segment is gentle. All criticism welcomed. … [Read more...]

The Piccadilly palare was just silly slang between me and the blogs in my watch...The Agitator: PATRIOT is only the tip of the iceberg. End of post gets a bit histrionic (due process is "dead") but basic point is right on.L. Solum: Big analysis of Miguel Estrada's withdrawal from the judicial nominations process. Worth your time, though I am not sure whether/how much Professor Solum and I agree about the principles--I want to a) distinguish between "political ideology" (I prefer "political … [Read more...]

CATHOLIC TALKS SERIES HERE IN D.C. Some of these sound totally fascinating. The whole "dress code" bit is somewhat odd, but hey, at least the talks are free. I'm most likely to turn up at the movies one, and maybe the Hauerwas and architecture ones. Have heard many good things about Ralph McInerney but tomorrow is a bad day for me to go gadding about listening to lectures.You are cordially invited to the Cardinal Newman Lecture Series 2003-2004 sponsored by the Institute of Psychological … [Read more...]

UNPRECEDENTED? Either I'll wake up tomorrow with bronchitis or this is the fastest I can remember ever recovering from a cold that nasty. We shall see. For the moment I feel pretty good, though still chugging the OJ. … [Read more...]

AGENDA BENDER on Rufus Wainwright, crystal meth, the attraction of drugs or the lack of attraction, and... opera. … [Read more...]

DEAR PRUDENCE: Unqualified Offerings wonders whether my long post about big splashy effects vs. small intricate moves toward justice is "simply demonstrating that all texts really do deconstruct themselves if you stare hard enough."Quite possibly! I wasn't especially trying to do anything large (or splashy!). I don't really think all texts deconstruct themselves etc., though, so can I offer an alternate phrasing of what I was getting at?Basically I think that post was a defense of the … [Read more...]