EVIL.Link via the Cranky Professor. … [Read more...]


JUDICA ME DEUS, PART 3b: The latest installment of my short story. You can read the whole story in order starting here; or you can just read the latest chunk. "Mature content and language" as they say. More on Thursday; then the story should end either next Monday or next Thursday, depending on how fast I write. … [Read more...]


And on the spot where they watched their blog, The grasses they will never grow...A completely random assortment of topics today. Manic-Depressive Jukebox time.Hit & Run: Good sharp post pointing out that in the "Golden Age of immigrant assimilation," there were all kinds of people who didn't want immigrants to assimilate, and prevented assimilation through e.g. restrictive housing covenants and, you know, bigotry. Necessary corrective to people who argue that the US can't handle … [Read more...]


"Now, when he stood with his forehead against the window or suddenly stopped on the third black tile, he made unexpected discoveries. He found out that those processes wrongly known as 'monologues' are really dialogues of a special kind; dialogues in which one partner remains silent while the other, against all grammatical rules, addresses him as 'I' instead of 'you,' in order to creep into his confidence and to fathom his intentions; but the silent partner just remains silent, shuns observation … [Read more...]


BURN DOWN THE DISCO, HANG THE BLESSED DJ/BECAUSE THE MUSIC THEY CONSTANTLY PLAY... IT SAYS NOTHING TO ME ABOUT MY LIFE: Basic, but nice, series of posts from David Morrison about how little relevance "gay" and "ex-gay" labels have to actual existing Catholics with same-sex attraction. … [Read more...]


REVIEW OF BLANKETS that captures some of my problems with the book pretty well. You can find my review here. This review is a little too harsh. It makes several good points, but misses what struck me as (perhaps unintentionally?) sympathetic portrayals of Raina's father and the narrator's mother; and also misses the glimpses of Raina's inner life that we do get in the book. … [Read more...]


ANG LEE, SHOOTING PROSE: Was talking with The Rat today about the "Hulk" movie and the reasons that, although it generally sucked, I was enthralled by its formal innovations. Everyone who saw the movie noticed two gaudy tricks the director, Ang Lee, pulled: comic-book-style panels within panels, dividing the screen into several different pictures; and bizarre dissolves rather than traditional cuts from scene to scene. Lee virtually never (by which I mean, twice) uses these tricks to actually … [Read more...]