Blogwatch take a, blogwatch take a bow...Dappled Things: Homily for the Feast of the Queenship of Mary, a.k.a. my birthday.Sean Collins on manga and why it's so popular here. Understanding Comics had a fascinating chart showing the differences in panel-to-panel transitions and use of time/space between manga and US-style comics, which made me want to read a lot more of the Japanese-style works; but I have to admit, I am both clueless and creeped out by the manga I've seen.Clueless: I … [Read more...]

"A 'need,' after all, is just a desire that's had time to ferment." --Reinventing Comics … [Read more...]

THE EDITOR OF JEWISH WORLD REVIEW has been hospitalized. He is recovering, but I am sure prayers would not come amiss. If you enjoy his site (I have a column there), please consider sending a donation so that he can upgrade the technology, hire staff, and reduce his stress level so that he can stay out of his doctor's hair! Thanks. … [Read more...]

JUDICA ME DEUS, PART 3a): Part three of my short story turned out to be a little longer and woollier than I expected, and I'm still untangling some things toward the end of the scene. So here's the first (and longest) segment of it. read the whole story so far read part 3a) onlyPart 3b) will reach you by next Thursday at the latest. There are five parts in all. Not approved by the Comics Code Authority, so be forewarned before you click, and all that. … [Read more...]

"We must find the orb of power or all mankind is DOOMED!""Yes! But first--to the men's room!" --Scott McCloud, Reinventing Comics. For no particular reason. … [Read more...]

AMPTOONS has an excellent series of posts on rape trials. Seriously, go read them. … [Read more...]

WHICH DOSTOYEVSKY PROTAGONIST ARE YOU? It got me completely wrong, but hey, neat idea for a quiz. … [Read more...]