"In [Hutu supremacist Hassan Ngeze's] most famous article, 'The Hutu Ten Commandments,' published in December 1990, Ngeze called on Hutu women to 'guard against the Tutsi-loving impulses of Hutu men'; declared all Tutsis 'dishonest'; and urged Hutus to have 'unity and solidarity' against 'their common Tutsi enemy.' The Hutu Ten Commandments were widely circulated and phenomenally popular. The eighth and most frequently quoted commandment said, 'Hutus must stop having mercy on the … [Read more...]


THE HOPE STREET GROUP: Centrist think tank-y thing dedicated to promoting equality of opportunity. Worth a look. … [Read more...]


WEAPONS OF METH DESTRUCTION: Idiocy. For many more examples of defining terrorism down, check out my Jewish World Review column here. … [Read more...]


BLANKETS: Sean Collins wondered what I think of Blankets, the vast semi(?)-autobiographical graphic novel about a Wisconsin teen growing up, covertly drawing comics, wrestling with God, and falling in love. I'm not sure what to tell him; I'm not sure I know what I think of it. I finished it about four or five days ago, and put it aside to see if it percolated in my mind, but so far I'm still left with a confused and basically lukewarm impression of it. So here are some scattered reactions; … [Read more...]


ELEGANT MESS: Saw two movies this weekend that could rate that description: "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance" and "Five Star Final."There's a lot to dislike about "Liberty Valance," which I saw because I found it on some list of classic Westerns: stop-and-start pacing; constant repetition of the titular villain's entire name just so we have it hammered into our heads; racial condescension; non-racial condescension and speechifying; oddly one-note performance from Jimmy Stewart.But there … [Read more...]


South of the Blogwatch, Down Mexico way, That's where he fell in love, when stars above Came out to play...Johnny Bacardi: Another "comics you must read" list, focusing on lesser-known lights. I'll definitely be checking some of these out. As far as Love & Rockets goes, though, my picks would probably be "Poison River," "Blood of Palomar," "Flies on the Ceiling," "Chester Square," "Wigwam Bam," "The Death of Speedy," in very very roughly that order.God of the Machine: Truly fascinating … [Read more...]


"Democratically elected in 1965, Marcos placed the entire Philippines under martial law in 1972 on the pretext of protecting the Philippines from the threat of a Communist takeover--a threat now widely acknowledged to have been a Marcos fabrication. A series of terrorist attacks, including the bombing of department stores, private companies, waterworks, even government buildings, all turned out to have been masterminded by Marcos himself, part of an elaborate plan to justify his imposition of … [Read more...]