OTHER HOMOPOSTAL STUFF: So I don't think the same-sex marriage debate needs to be about homosexuality itself. But for those interested, I figured I'd point out some of my past posts on queer stuff. The easiest thing to do is to start here and scroll down. After the first post linked there, it gets relentlessly Andrew Sullivan-and-the-Church-focused, which I know isn't everybody's thing, but I don't write about this subject super often.Again, I think this followed by this should give you my … [Read more...]


HELP UNQUALIFIED OFFERINGS BUY A COMPUTER! He will have a difficult time blogging until he gets one. So please hit the PayPal thingee--it's worth it! (I will be doing this tomorrow.) … [Read more...]


INSTANT WATER--JUST ADD WATER! Is this for real? If so, that's pretty darn cool. Via Kesher Talk. … [Read more...]


CIVIL UNIONS: So now, what do I think about civil unions, which confer lots of the practical benefits of marriage without the name? My thoughts on this are kind of confused, so instead of laying out a solid position I'm going to talk about the concerns I have, the things I'm trying to weigh and juggle.1) Many, though certainly not all, of the practical benefits of marriage can already be cobbled together through things like medical power of attorney. It's not the easiest or most convenient … [Read more...]


MINORITY REPORTS: One of the questions you hear a lot in the same-sex marriage debate is, "How can such a small minority of people actually affect the vast majority of marriages?" There are at least three reasons to think it could.1) American culture has always been strongly affected by minorities. I wrote about black culture's impact on the broader culture here. Andrew Sullivan recently wrote, "And, as with most developments in gay culture, they [= 'bears'] could well influence straight … [Read more...]


QUESTION IN THREE ACTS: So here's a place to start with the spate of same-sex marriage posts. (Some of this language will probably be repeated from previous posts, but I'm hoping that by getting it all together in somewhat more coherent form I'll make my position clearer. This turned out a lot longer than I expected, so I'm splitting it into three posts: question, my answer, and friendship.)Why is marriage honored in our society and in our law?It may seem like an odd question (to those not … [Read more...]


I see no reason to expect that homosexual couples will have (even!) the same emphasis on and belief in sexual exclusivity that married couples do today. In the post above "Question in Three Acts," I'll talk briefly (more on this tomorrow) about why that matters for heterosexual couples. For the moment I'll just wonder whether gay activists really think marriage--an institution developed emphatically without homosexual couples in mind--is an appropriate model for homosexual relationships, or … [Read more...]