WHEN EVANGELICAL PHILOSOPHY PROFESSORS ATTACK!!!! Go here and click on "Quotations" for some high hilarity. I bet the Old Oligarch would appreciate this guy. Via Mark Shea. … [Read more...]


SOMEONE DIDN'T READ THE SITE DESCRIPTION! Apparently I'm a left-wing blogger now. Ah well. Click there for a list of greatest Americans as chosen by selected left-wing bloggers plus, for some reason, me.I was a bit disappointed, though not surprised, to see that the only artist listed is Mark Twain; I voted for a whole passel of them, inc. Emily Dickinson, Lee Miller (she was American, not British, right?), and several filmmakers. Also disappointed-but-not-surprised to see Margaret Sanger on … [Read more...]


SHANKERY WEDNESDAY: I have a lot of things I'm chewing on--mainly, this Unqualified Offerings post. But so far I haven't come up with anything even coherent enough to blog. So I'm shanking.The UO post has a poem in it, so that's your Poetry Wednesday as well. Killing two birds with one shank, you know.Oh, and here, have a medieval bestiary. Via Dappled Things.Tomorrow, I'll definitely have the next installment of my short story. Other than that... we shall see. … [Read more...]


"IN A SUPRALEGAL LOCATION": Newsweek column on American torture. Please read this. I'm not sure the author is right about the significance of the "sources and methods" quote at the end, but that's a fairly minor caveat. Via Ginger Stampley. … [Read more...]


MORE FICTION BLOGOSPHERE. Krubner is posting excerpts from his novel; Will Duquette's storyblog roundup site is here. I am blogging a short story here (don't click if you are not okay with fairly pungent language/situations)--expect the next segment of this tale on Thursday! … [Read more...]


REINVENTING COMICS: So after that vast thing below, inspired in part by Understanding Comics, what have I got to say about the sequel, Reinventing Comics? Not so much! I basically noticed three things about the book: 1) McCloud has an engaging, visual sense of humor, which made both these books a real pleasure.2) The thing about how comics might change on the Internet--how comics might continue to represent time through space when "space" is virtually unlimited--was very intriguing, though not … [Read more...]


HE WATCHES A FILM ABOUT THE EVENING SKY/IT WAS SOMEONE ELSE'S DREAM: So I finished Scott McCloud's Understanding Comics (and its sequel, Reinventing Comics, of which more presently). I would tell you about it, but I think I need to reread some of the most interesting bits again, with favorite comics by my side for comparison. I really liked it, though, and thank Journalista! for the recommendation.The bit that I wanted to write about is a bit that even McCloud seems a little embarrassed by in … [Read more...]