WHAT HANDGUN ARE YOU? I'm a S&W; .44 Magnum. Mmmm. "You are old school. Fat Sheriff Deputies fancy you. Reliable but not too practical." Via Tepper. … [Read more...]


WHY HAVEN'T I LISTENED to my Marc Almond tape in ages??? Right now I'm blasting "Blond Boy" and basically feeling, as Emma Frost would say, angelic and violently insane. Life is good. Thank you, anonymous zine-girl who sent me this tape back in high school. I would link the lyrics but, uh, this is a family blog. … [Read more...]


POETRY WEDNESDAY: I got these first from Diana Wynne Jones's Fire and Hemlock, which rings several changes on both "Thomas the Rhymer" and "Tam Lin"... but they're much older than that!True Thomas lay on Huntlie bank; A ferlie he spied wi' his ee; And there he saw a lady bright, Come riding down by the Eildon Tree.Her skirt was o the grass-green silk, Her mantle o the velvet fyne, At ilka tett of her horse's mane Hang fifty siller bells and nine.True Thomas he pulld aff his cap, And louted … [Read more...]


IN THE BAG II: I'm not going to do any more of these, but I thought it'd be neat to do "in the bag" two days in a row to illustrate how much my answers change from day to day. I've also changed the categories to better reflect what I actually know about (no ballet for me!) and have added "runners-up" even though I know that's, technically, cheating.So, if the Desert Island Goon Squad were bashing in my door right this second and I had to grab my provisions for my enforced holiday in the sun, … [Read more...]


ET IN ARCADIA...: Now that's rather odd. … [Read more...]


The last blog I watched from Maudlin Street So he drove me home in the van Saying, "Women only like me for my mind"...AfricaPundit: Meet Liberia's new boss, almost the same as the old boss?The Cranky Professor: Possible blockbuster scholarly study of the Koran. From the man who brought you 72 white raisins. Weird-osity.Disputations: Reeves and Booster return! (Starts here, but second installment funnier.) More ecclesiastical Wodehouse-pastiche... fun stuff. Also, help a young woman become … [Read more...]


BOOK RECOMMENDATION: If you're following the same-sex marriage stuff, you should read Denis de Rougemont's Love in the Western World, a history of the idea of romantic love. You should read it anyway--it's brilliant, provocative, and a real rollercoaster read--but it's especially relevant now. … [Read more...]