"You can't just go around killing people whenever the notion strikes you. It's not feasible." --Elisha Cook Jr. to Lawrence Tierney, "Born to Kill" … [Read more...]


CITY PAP: Following up on their groundbreaking yuppie bread investigation, City Paper (ordinarily a good read!) runs a cover story on CVS and why people don't like it. Ooohhh, bad service. Arrrggghhhh, class warfare. Bleah.Story from this week's CP that would have made a better cover story than the CVS rant: "Parks and Wrecks," a great piece by Garance Franke-Ruta on how abandoned parks become crime magnets.Story from the Washington Post that completely scooped what should have been a CP … [Read more...]


COMPARE AND CONTRAST. This is a little too easy, but I noticed something today:"My father is a Jew, my mother is a Jew, and I am a Jew." --Daniel Pearl, last words"1, 2, 3, 4, we don't want your racist war!" --protesters against U.S. retaliationHere's another quote: "If you want peace, work for justice." Pope Paul VI. … [Read more...]


DEFENDING DASCHLE (shudder): Charles Murtaugh and Matt Yglesias have been getting on Andrew Sullivan's case for sounding like a blog parody--no wait, that's me. Actually, they've been slagging Sullivan for going berserk when various Democrats raised questions about the direction of the war (how do we know we've won/we can't declare victory until we get Bin Laden, basically). CM and MY have a point, but they muddy it by comparing current Dem statements to Republicans' similar comments questioning … [Read more...]


I remember Doing the Blog Watch... Drinking... those moments when The blackness would hit me And the void would be calling, "Let's do the Blog Watch again!" Unqualified Offerings: Behind the UN child-sex scandal; Afghanistan II: Bride of Afghanistan; Georgia's not so peachy. And much more. Great stuff.More Than Zero on blogfests, Jews, daiquiris, Jews, and an evolving, nuanced understanding of an ex-boyfriend.John Cleese, on a non-blog site, spikes the punch with this tribute to a comic … [Read more...]


CABALWATCH!: I spent the weekend at the Federalist Society conference in New Haven. I have a good friend in the upper reaches of Yale's FedSoc, but I'm not just saying the conference rocked because I know him. It was great. Theme: "Law and Truth." I missed the first night, which was apparently a philosophical ramble through pre-modern, postmodern, and just plain old modern theories of truth.Highlights of the conference: 1) It helped me organize my thoughts on a topic I've explored on this … [Read more...]


"He's as shifty as smoke, but I love him." --Thelma Ritter, "Pickup on South Street" … [Read more...]