"Tony, when you let guys use you, be sure they're smart guys." --Robert Ryan to Tito Vuolo, "The Racket" … [Read more...]


Almost forgot..."You begin to interest me... vaguely." --Dorothy Malone to Humphrey Bogart, "The Big Sleep" … [Read more...]


HERE WE GO AGAIN: This story on whether pro-life pregnancy centers mislead women and this defense of cloning by Glenn Reynolds lead me to re-post stuff I posted already over on (urgh) GeoCities: "What to Look for in a Crisis Pregnancy Center" and "Love in the Time of Cloning." Sorry about the formatting, folks. … [Read more...]


LIFT EV'RY VOICE AND SING: Here are several links with, as promised, cheerier stuff about black America. They go from most to least depressing. All are from City Journal... because I'm lazy."What's Holding Blacks Back?", by John McWhorter."Washington's Lost Black Aristocracy," by Tucker Carlson."Toward a Usable Black History," by John McWhorter."Still Coming to Dinner" (on interracial marriage rates), by Matthew Robinson."A Whole Different Crop of Black Leaders," by Tamar … [Read more...]


AYN, BABY: So I finally got around to starting that Questions for Objectivists site that I yammered about back when I was stuck on (gah) GeoCities. Comments, questions, vilification should go to eve_tushnet@yahoo.com, but be forewarned, the site's template is very "beta." Should get better fairly soon, maybe this weekend. … [Read more...]


PRIMARY COLORS: I'm going to do one of those line-by-line bloggy things where you dissect some article by someone who actually got paid for his writing. If you hate those, skip. This is on that Salon.com interview with DeWayne Wickham about why black people overwhelmingly picked Clinton as the country's best president. Several of my points here are from Shamed; you can assume they're the good ones.First, some good points by Wickham: "Of the first 15 presidents, 13 of them were staunch … [Read more...]


ANDREW SULLIVAN SHOULD SUBSCRIBE TO THE REGISTER: So that he'd know that he's wigging about Scalia's death-penalty remarks. (Scroll down.) Rod Dreher answered him pretty well over at The Stealth Bloggers, but just in case you're still wondering whether "the usual defenders of Catholic orthodoxy" really were as silent as Sullivan says, here's that Reg editorial again. But Sullivan often trots out this weird attitude that the Church's teaching on the death penalty (which he fudges anyway) is more … [Read more...]