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"GOODBYE," SHE LIED. Despite work insanity, I will be posting quite a bit tomorrow. Reader mail, what Brink Lindsey could learn from Nietzsche's parable of the madman (just wrote "parable of the madam"...), and some thoughts on blogging v. regular-old-journalism. And maybe more.For now, I'll revisit my "witches for Jesus" post. I'm surprised to realize how few of the books I read as a child were recognizably Christian. Several were straight-up anti-Christian (discussed in the W4J post), but in … [Read more...]

People out on the streets, they don't know who I am I watch blogs from my room, they are just passing by I'm not just anyone, said I'm not just anyone...Don't Be A Shamed: Why are there no black Senators? and, Civil rights movement boycotts Cincinnati; Cincy shrugs. Shamed should check out this fine article on the Cincinnati "race" riots.Happy Fun Pundit: Very funny post about missing the Beam-bash boat; and he even gets in a good anti-Beamian point that I haven't seen elsewhere.Glenn … [Read more...]

"Have a drink. I kept the bar open for you." "Sure, I could use a little cooking sherry." --Richard Widmark and Ida Lupino, "Road House" … [Read more...]

And so I watched one, it became four... And when I fell on the floor, I watched more. Stop me, oh stop me if you think that you've watched this blog before...OK, I have a lot of work this week so don't expect much. I promise to have another authority-and-Catholics-and-sex-and-the-Pope type thing up by Monday, for people who can't get enough of that wonderful Duff. And I'll try to have other fun stuff for you in the meanwhile. Until then, why don't you check out these swell folks?The Edge of … [Read more...]

READER MAIL: THIS JUST IN, BARLOW STILL LIBERAL! Ted Barlow writes, "I'm still a liberal; I said yes to about 3 1/3 of the points, but I'd throw in a couple of more points to tip me over the balance. I care about preserving progressive taxation, the environment, and gay rights, for example. I get upset at attempts to cut the NEA, and oppose the death penalty. I usually can't read Jonah Goldberg (for example) without wanting to scream. The conservative umbrella is pretty big, but it ain't that … [Read more...]

READER MAIL: AMERICA. "Hi Eve: Well, maybe this is so obvious a point that e-mailing you about it is gratuitous, but the biggest difference of this country to me is the idea that it's a country of mind, not ethnicity. Natives and immigrants alike purport to subscribe to a set of beliefs rather than one ethnic stream of 'Frenchness.' It's that adherence to certain beliefs, in my view, that creates a dynamic culture in which, for better or worse, Americans of all stripes are always screaming about … [Read more...]