CLICHES BITE BACK: The Libertarian Party's answer to those Super Bowl "if you smoke pot, the terrorists will have won!" ads. (Link is PDF.) … [Read more...]

TAKING THE CONSTITUTION AWAY FROM THE COURTS: For some bizarre reason, Andrew Sullivan seems to think that Justices Rehnquist, Breyer et al. wrote the Constitution.Check it out (the numbers are mine): "While I’m at it, I might as well address the issue many of you have emailed me about. That’s the notion that it somehow adds to public cynicism if the Congress passes a law that might well turn out to be unconstitutional in parts. I’m sorry, but I don’t quite buy this. The argument might work if … [Read more...]

FINAL WORD ON MEDIA BIAS: For the record, I'm not a fan of the fake posing as "unbiased" that characterizes both the New York Times and FoxNews. Journalists should have a philosophy, something that they believe to be true, something that can guide their actions. That philosophy will almost certainly have some controversial elements. Those controversial elements will color what journalists think is newsworthy (as in the famous NYT headline that went, approx., "Crime Falls, Though Jails Still … [Read more...]

WE KNEAD REAL NEWS: The Washington City Paper's cover story this week is about bread. No, really. Bread. Fancy schmancy bread, and why D.C. residents are oppressed by big chains who deprive us of yummy fancypants bread like they have in New York City.Here's a pull-quote [!]: "'You can get better sourdough boules in the San Francisco airport than you can here. And that stuff is for tourists!' —bread aficionado Lucy Bisognano"Look, I'm basically a big City Paper booster. I landed an internship … [Read more...]

"I probably shan't return before dawn. How I detest the dawn. The grass looks like it's been left out all night." --Clifton Webb to Kirt Kreuger, "The Dark Corner" … [Read more...]

Just one post today, and a sad one: Chuck Jones, of Looney Tunes fame, is dead at 89. He was not only a creator of great cartoons (including "Rabbit Hood," "Duck Dodgers in the 24 1/2 Century," "What's Opera, Doc?", "Nelly's Folly," "One Froggy Evening," too many fine Pepe Le Pew shorts to count, and--wait for it--"Martian Through Georgia"). He was also the author of one of the funniest books I've ever read: Chuck Amuck, his autobiography.R.I.P. … [Read more...]

TWO CLONING LINKS: Good stuff from Shiloh Bucher and Thomas Nephew. I found these through Nephew's Newsrack blog, which in turn I found through Ted Barlow, because I'm waiting for a phone call that's now 46 mins. late. Oy.Also, this New Republic article is well worth your time. (Why do I keep saying that? I'm confused. Make the neolib goodness stop!) It's about immigrants, their children, and why it's harder to make it in America than you might think. Unsurprisingly, I think the article should … [Read more...]