THE GODFATHER, PART IV: The mob is still on the waterfront.Check out this article, "How to Run the Mob Out of Gotham," from City Journal.And need I mention that "On the Waterfront" would be a great movie for a right-wing campus group's movie night? … [Read more...]

"To the men we have loved! Stinkers!" --Eve Arden, "Mildred Pierce" … [Read more...]

GAUDI ONLINE: Even his storage shed is cool. … [Read more...]

MORNING STAR: A moving account of the naming of Venus, a baby girl, in liberated Kabul. … [Read more...]

READ THIS. I don't know what else to say. Here's the description of the essay: "My friend Tristin is the publicist at Lookout Records and the smartest person I know. One of her dearest and oldest friends was on American Airlines Flight 11, which crashed into the north tower of the World Trade Center on September 11th. In the intensely grief-stricken aftermath, the indecent posturing of many spokesmen for the Left in America led her to embark on a serious self-examination and re-evaluation of her … [Read more...]

"I know what's going on inside of you, Frank. You're just like any other man, only more so." --Pamela Britton to Edmond O'Brien, "D.O.A." … [Read more...]

VOLUNTEER SLAVERY: Christian anti-slavery groups have been getting scammed in Sudan, according to this Independent report. The anti-slavery groups "redeem"--buy--slaves, then free them and send them back to their villages. But the report is full of stories of villagers posing as slaves, and there's lots of convincing evidence that the slave-redemption numbers don't add up. This has been an accusation made against redemption groups for years, but this is the first in-depth story I've seen on … [Read more...]