SHE'S SUCH A LITTLE TEASE: Shamed sent me this headline from US News' "Washington Whispers" column: "Scalia: Have shotgun, will travel."With a setup like that, it comes as a real blow to learn that the story is about... duck hunting. … [Read more...]

GLOBOFLUFF: What the WEFers are doing with their evenings, from that same old Post article (note that this is what the WEF participants are up to, not the protesters--I think my original e-mail to Glenn Reynolds was unclear): "Ravi Shankar discusses 'What is Sacred in Today's World.' Yusuf Islam (aka 1960s folk singer Cat Stevens) discusses education with Sidney Poitier and Quincy Jones. And the really big thinkers ponder 'Me and Everybody Else: Identity in a Globalized World' over some fine … [Read more...]

KINDER GENTLER WEF: Some interesting quotes (but what do they mean?), from Sunday's Post: "The remaining politicians, and more than a few millionaire multinationalists, spent the day emoting and sounding a lot like their anti-globalization critics. Philippine President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo spoke of how her nation's resources are 'geared to the fight against poverty,' which she described as the 'handmaiden of terrorism.'"U.S. Secretary of State Colin L. Powell delivered a compassionate … [Read more...]

BEST QUOTES FROM THE WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM: Washington Post Style Section, 2/3: "After chatting with [a protester] a while, this reporter offered her business card. Ward refused it. 'It's paper,' he said. 'I'm against paper.'" (I note that he had no problem making a big styrofoam globe.)Best quote, Self-Aware column: Washington Post, 2/3: "U2's Bono kept a low profile today after on Thursday proclaiming himself a 'spoiled-rotten rock star' who loves cake, champagne and the world's poor." (If it … [Read more...]

WHEN SENSITIVITIES COLLIDE: This movie very carefully avoided portraying Arabs as the baddies. Instead, it features Colombians. Predictably, Colombians got furious. Maybe we should just go back to Russkie villains. … [Read more...]

"I used to live in a sewer. Now I live in a swamp. I've come up in the world." --Linda Darnell, "No Way Out" … [Read more...]

"I GUESS WE GET MARRIED NOW..."*: Someday when you have a huge supply of liquor and a strong desire to understand the USA, try watching, in order, "Heathers," "The Ice Storm," and "Grosse Pointe Blank." As I understand it, the first movie is simply bubblegum Gnostic ("Life sucks! Let's blow up the school!" Oh for crying out loud, who cares? We all thought high school would kill us... if we didn't kill it first. My favorite line from HS: "Homophobia is so gay!"). "The Ice Storm" is a negative … [Read more...]