WENDELL BERRY + VIRGINIA POSTREL = BIG FUN. Check it out, over at The Farm Dole, my anti-farm-subsidies site. (Yes, there is an anti-farm-subsidies site on Blogger. Bet ya didn't know that.) … [Read more...]


BACK IN THE HIGH LIFE AGAIN. Hey look, it's the '80s! The National Journal's Hotline points out all the Reagan-era Dems who hope to make 2004 the Opposites Day version of 1988: Gore, Gephardt, et al. We're at war with a worldwide, ideologically driven, societally suicidal enemy. The president, a tax-cutting Republican with a devoted wife, is living down his wacky pre-White House career by calling evil things evil. And Marion Barry is running for mayor. (That link takes you to a summary, rather … [Read more...]


WHAT ROTH BEAST?: I appreciate the link from Libertarian Samizdata. Really I do. But Natalija Radic's quickie anti-anti-porn piece leads me to bite the blog that feeds me.I'm not going to do an in-depth discussion of nudie mags because a) you don't want to read it, do you? and b) this is my blog and I don't wanna. But as far as I can tell, Radic's argument boils down to: 1) Porn is natural because people do it and they've done it for a long time.2) Porn may cause "emotional and physical … [Read more...]


"Well, the place looks lived in." "Yeah, but by what?" --Richard Erdman and Dick Powell, "Cry Danger" … [Read more...]


"I'll never think of our moments together without nausea." --Brian Donlevy to Helen Walker, "Impact" … [Read more...]


FAKE FREE TRADERS: Here's that article I was looking for--the libertarian case against world trade oversight bodies. … [Read more...]


YALE'S FINEST PUBLICATION has a blog. I live in fear. (Best new YFP slogan: "We put the 'gin' in 'virgins.'" Best old YFP slogan: "Above the Law. Under the Table. Beyond Good and Evil. And somewhere to the Right of Attila the Hun.") … [Read more...]