TWO CONTESTS: First, posters for the protesters in NYC. For example: "SHOPLIFTERS OF THE WORLD UNITE." Or... VISUALIZE BETTER PUPPETS." Or "KEEP INDUSTRY OUT OF INDIA." Whatever. Second, rejected campaign theme songs. You know how every candidate has a snazzy theme song, like "Don't Stop Thinkin' About Tomorrow." ('Cause there's nothing that says "slinkster cool" quite like an aging Southern politico.) Well, I want your suggestions for the presidential and congressional races of 2002. Some … [Read more...]

NEW JERSEY STATE OF MIND: My father's home state has produced two of the most interesting and articulate voices of the pro-life movement--Bret Schundler and Lauryn Hill. Just a random observation. … [Read more...]

WE CAN BLOG IF WE WANT TO, we can leave GeoCities behind. Because GeoCities is muy lame. So here's the deal: You can view my old page (if for some reason you want to) here. The Farm Dole, where I rake muck from the federal trough and call for farm welfare reform, is here. The Booklog (stuff I've said about stuff I've read) is here. Right now it has comments on Andre Gide's Corydon, Pat Cadigan's Mindplayers, Rebecca Brown's The Terrible Girls, William Faulkner's As I Lay Dying, and Cormac … [Read more...]

AN EVIL PETTING ZOO!: "Angered by snubbing, Libya, China, Syria form Axis of Just As Evil." Enjoy; the article is funny all the way down. … [Read more...]

FOOD NOT BUMS: This article from the Village Voice is mostly about a sexy anarchist named Warcry, and how she's the Future of the Movement or some such. But the part that stood out for me concerned Food Not Bombs, the crusty-punk group that hands out free vegan food in public parks. I did this in high school. (The homeless guys told us we needed more salt in our brown leftovers stew. "Y'all don't understand, black people gotta have salt.") The article quotes a young anarcho-whateverist who says, … [Read more...]