They don’t have bathroom walls at Carleton?

I'm sorry, every part of this story is self-parodic. Via TKB. … [Read more...]

“Sex in the Meritocracy”: Helen Rittelmeyer

w/a really good piece: I rather think Yale is plagued by an excess of moral purpose—that purpose being the pursuit of perfection, however perversely defined. Its students are not relativists; they are not even radicals. They are ordinary modern liberals, with all the earnestness and all the moral blind spots the term implies. Concepts like social responsibility and public service animate them greatly (not many Gordon Gekkos in this generation), honor and loyalty less so. Their code of sexual e … [Read more...]

“Did You Go to Passion 2013? Here’s What Fyodor Dostoyevsky Would Say to You”

(if he were a blogger, I guess? but no, some good stuff here) I will never forget the advice given to me a few years back by an older, wiser friend who had just planted a church near my hometown. I, as an eager gotta-do-it-yesterday college kid was (and am) excited about church planting. But my friend said to me something to the effect of, “These are not your best years of ministry. Spend this time learning, listening and maturing”. This has stuck with me, and the burden of training, maturing an … [Read more...]

“A Quick Gulp of Yale’s Enormous New Art Gallery”

Merry Christmas! Here's me blathering. … [Read more...]

Thy songs were made for the pure and free

"The Minstrel Boy" always gets me. Here a seven-year-old child sings it--scroll to the second recording--in 1904, at a family Christmas, not long before their "short twentieth century" began. Link via TKB. … [Read more...]

I’m quoted in this Natl Catholic Register story on NDAlliance

A lot will depend on the personnel, as always, but ND has a chance to do something exciting and new here. (The Register has its own tics and shibboleths, but I will say that this initiative at ND wouldn't have existed ten years ago, and if it somehow did, the Register would not have covered it even this positively.) … [Read more...]

“Playing cards collection” at the Beinecke: WWII Britain, Russian prison, planets, more!

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