“Resilience and Sensitivity”

In which those who can't do teach, at AmCon! (And btw you really, really should read this piece by Michael Brendan Dougherty on growing up with a single mother.) … [Read more...]

“The Beasts and Children”

My take on Beasts of the Southern Wild. Spoilerrific so the short version is that it's totally worth seeing! … [Read more...]

This article about “Brave” takes a while to get going

but is worth skimming until it starts to get good. "If it weren’t already obvious, this isn’t a film that fetishizes courage in its ordinary sense." And this: The paradoxical “changeable fate” is probably a familiar fantasy to most parents. That it stumped me for as long as it did I attribute partly my lack of imagination and partly to the fact that I haven’t had to think about the archetypal patterns parenthood introduces. It’s a parent’s destiny to nurture a child at considerable expense and p … [Read more...]

“I Refuse to Let Child Abuse Define Me”

More schools should do this. (and a related post here.) … [Read more...]

Also, apparently his eyes fire lasers. Like a shark, you know?

John Cheese is a writer for Cracked whom I have praised to you people many times. I linked to this piece in my AmCon piece about the problems with the "divorce counterrevolution" and I've linked several of his other marriage/parenting/family/uh... other stuff-related articles at MarriageDebate (which by the way you should all be following). Plus he's provided me and my friends with a lot of much-needed gallows humor:"Quitting Smoking: Six Things You Notice About the Stupid World""Five … [Read more...]

Also yes, “The Bear and the Bow” would have been a better title

since the theme of Brave, which I saw last night, isn't actually bravery at all.The Good: It's so pretty! It's a gloriously pretty movie, and the grisaille scene where the girl and her horse wander through a fog-hung, thorn-infested woods was chillingly beautiful. The visual humor is also adorable, and visual language is used to convey character really well during the shapeshifting parts.I also loved the actual theme, which was the mother-daughter bond and its stresses. I haven't been … [Read more...]

You’ll Never Walk Alone: A post on Dawn Eden’s new book

Part of the Patheos Book Club--go and read the other posts on this book as well!My Peace I Give You: Healing Sexual Wounds with the Help of the Saints, by Dawn Eden, is the first book I've read from a specifically Catholic perspective on healing from sexual abuse. I don't come to this as an expert so I'll just tell you what the book is, and what it does which is especially valuable.The book is structured around saints' lives. Eden works to uncover hidden aspects of saints' experiences … [Read more...]