More on the “marshmallow test”

from Maia Szalavitz: ...So, what determines which children will fall among the lucky 25% who can successfully resist the marshmallow? Is it an inherited genetic advantage that produces greater impulse control? Is delaying gratification a learned behavior? Or could children be making conscious choices about this specific task based on similar prior experiences — involving adults who promise better rewards later — of whether waiting really pays off?Researchers led by Celeste Kidd at the Uni … [Read more...]

“Criminal Justice, Civil Liberties Issues Missing from 2012 Campaign”

Radley Balko with a must-read roundup post. Balko is such a hero. … [Read more...]

Rabbit raised by wolves

One of the many great things about October is the scary movie festivals. Over the weekend I got to see two excellent flicks from the DC Spooky Movie Festival at the AFI Theater in Silver Spring. Both were immensely sad as well as frightening, and heartbreaking horror shows may be my favorite kind.Chained is directed by Jennifer Lynch (Boxing Helena) and it has a very simple core: A serial killer kidnaps a woman and her nine-year-old son, kills the mother and raises the son to be a killer … [Read more...]

“We Had to Torture the Children in Order to Save Them”

I write about abusive teen-treatment centers, for AmCon. … [Read more...]

“A Child’s Garden of Sacrifice”

You should be reading your kids Oscar Wilde. … [Read more...]

“Pushkin Becomes a Little Girl’s Passport”

I review the children's book Letters from Rifka, at Acculturated. Thanks to NJMKW for suggesting it! … [Read more...]

“Religion Is Wasted on the Young”

...It occurs to me that it is precisely the fact that we are intent on teaching religion to the young that makes faith such a prime site for rebellion when emerging adults construct their own identities. As a peer reviewer for a publisher, I recently read the manuscript for a book that was an intellectual attack on Christianity. What struck me was that the sources for the skeptical views the author was commending were leading scholars, while the Christian beliefs were presented through … [Read more...]