“Five Stupid Habits You Develop Growing Up in a Broken Home”

You guys already know how I feel about John Cheese's stuff. Some really powerful things here. It's Cracked, so the usual warnings for language etc apply. (And more here.) Btw his parents are divorced, but he (or whoever wrote the headline) is using "broken home" here more to mean "dysfunctional" rather than just as a synonym for divorce. … [Read more...]

“The First Day of School in Russia”

was September 1, like always. … [Read more...]

“Jury’s Still Out in Spike Lee’s Trial of God”

I review a movie, at AmCon. … [Read more...]

“When a horrific rape leads to an innocent life”

Tim Carney: ...Jenni was conceived when her mother was raped by a boyfriend as a teenager. She is a human reminder of an uncomfortable truth denied and minimized by people on all sides of the abortion issue: Rape can result in pregnancy, which means it can create innocent babies."A lot of people like to sweep it under the carpet," Jenni told me Wednesday. But, if commonly cited statistics are correct, hundreds of thousands of Americans walking around today were conceived in an act of rape. … [Read more...]


A really beautiful Little Mermaid adaptation by Soyuzmultfilm, from 1968. Glorious animation. And a babushkafish! There are no subtitles but much of the movie is wordless, and you should at least watch until it switches from black & white to color. … [Read more...]

“Hope Away from Home”

In which I write up Laurence Yep's terrific children's book, The Serpent's Children. Review is spoilerous; book is highly recommended. With bonus resilience-and-sensitivity reference.... … [Read more...]

“Footprintz in the Sands of Time”

In which I write up a Transcendentalist children's fantasy novel. For real! … [Read more...]