This article about “Brave” takes a while to get going

but is worth skimming until it starts to get good. “If it weren’t already obvious, this isn’t a film that fetishizes courage in its ordinary sense.” And this: The paradoxical “changeable fate” is probably a familiar fantasy to most parents. That it stumped me for as long as it did I attribute partly my lack [Read More...]

“I Refuse to Let Child Abuse Define Me”

More schools should do this. (and a related post here.) [Read more...]

Also, apparently his eyes fire lasers. Like a shark, you know?

John Cheese is a writer for Cracked whom I have praised to you people many times. I linked to this piece in my AmCon piece about the problems with the “divorce counterrevolution” and I’ve linked several of his other marriage/parenting/family/uh… other stuff-related articles at MarriageDebate (which by the way you should all be following). Plus [Read More...]

Also yes, “The Bear and the Bow” would have been a better title

since the theme of Brave, which I saw last night, isn’t actually bravery at all. The Good: It’s so pretty! It’s a gloriously pretty movie, and the grisaille scene where the girl and her horse wander through a fog-hung, thorn-infested woods was chillingly beautiful. The visual humor is also adorable, and visual language is used [Read More...]

You’ll Never Walk Alone: A post on Dawn Eden’s new book

Part of the Patheos Book Club–go and read the other posts on this book as well! My Peace I Give You: Healing Sexual Wounds with the Help of the Saints, by Dawn Eden, is the first book I’ve read from a specifically Catholic perspective on healing from sexual abuse. I don’t come to this as [Read More...]

“The Spell of the Satirist’s Skill”

my children’s-book column for Acculturated: I don’t know why anyone would ever want to rule a fantasy kingdom, or become an evil wizard, when you have to deal with countless irksome children giving you backchat. It seems that almost every kids’ fantasy written nowadays has a “spunky” hero or heroine: kids who speak their mind [Read More...]

The Lightning-Rod Salesman

my post on Ray Bradbury (actually just about Something Wicked This Way Comes) at Acculturated. [Read more...]

The Tough Guide to Fantasy Family Life

me, on Diana Wynne Jones. [Read more...]

But you promised me heartbreak!

(very lightly edited for clarity) Last night I saw First Position, a new documentary on young ballet dancers competing in the Youth America Grand Prix. It’s from a first-time director, it’s a labor of love, and the kids are unspeakably endearing. It’s a feel-good film, which means there are no villains. Not the rich girl [Read More...]

“By Hand”

The latest entry in my children’s-books series for Acculturated is on Jean Merrill’s 1964 The Pushcart War. [Read more...]