“7 Konigsburg Takes”: Leah Libresco

in honor of the late EL Konigsburg. … [Read more...]

“A Child’s Garden of Sacrifice”

You should be reading your kids Oscar Wilde. … [Read more...]

“Pushkin Becomes a Little Girl’s Passport”

I review the children's book Letters from Rifka, at Acculturated. Thanks to NJMKW for suggesting it! … [Read more...]

“Hope Away from Home”

In which I write up Laurence Yep's terrific children's book, The Serpent's Children. Review is spoilerous; book is highly recommended. With bonus resilience-and-sensitivity reference.... … [Read more...]

“Footprintz in the Sands of Time”

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“Reading Ray Bradbury in the Soviet Union”

possibly via Jesse Walker? Anyway, they make dandelion wine! Sort of. … [Read more...]

“The Spell of the Satirist’s Skill”

my children's-book column for Acculturated:I don’t know why anyone would ever want to rule a fantasy kingdom, or become an evil wizard, when you have to deal with countless irksome children giving you backchat. It seems that almost every kids’ fantasy written nowadays has a “spunky” hero or heroine: kids who speak their mind or talk back to their elders, even when sass is clearly not the wisest move. These kids’ mentors constantly praise them for their bravery, but it’s hard to see why, … [Read more...]