Kathy Shaidle, “Dream of the Rood”

Blessed be my branches’ shadows, sunsewn Mosesbaskets: they ‘byed the Infant sleeping on the grass.Blessed be my roots: weaving the Boy a fine cradle, they hovered Him just above Hell.Yes, bring on the beautiful saw— I will it. Dead I will live forever. more … [Read more...]

Read This Great Sharp Poem While I Work on My Best-Of Post.

Thank you! … [Read more...]

Christmas Songs: “Go! Move! Shift!”

I am used to the Boiled in Lead version, but that isn't on YouTube, so here is Christy Moore. Christmas lyrics:Without Christmas lyrics, but punchier: … [Read more...]

“The Gift of Belly-Button Lint”: Calah Is Great

I suspect many of you have been here: ...Simcha wrote a funny post once about how stupid this song is, particularly this version. But this is one of my favorite Christmas songs, especially this version. It reminds me of The Clown of God…you give the Christ child what you have to give, even if it’s the only thing you have to give. Shane McGowan singing this song breaks my heart, because I recognize that kind of brokenness. There is an exquisite beauty in giving the only gift you can, even if it’ … [Read more...]

What I Learned from Being a Christmas-and-Easter Jew

'Tis the season. I went to my first Easter morning Mass ever this year, and holy cats, was it packed! Yikes. Just wall-to-wall Catholics in all phases of forward- and backsliding. It got me thinking about what I learned from being intermittently Jewish as a kid--taken to High Holy Days services a few times, once? twice? to Purim, sometimes to Passover seders. I honestly don't remember how often we did any of this. But somewhat to my surprise, I think most of the lessons I learned from this … [Read more...]

“Vintage Black Glamour”

Lots of Christmas and New Year's stuff up right now! … [Read more...]

“A Meditation on the Bloody Octave of Christmas”

From the Archdiocese of Washington. … [Read more...]