“The Supreme Court’s Massive Blind Spot”: The Stories It Knows About Criminal Justice

Radley Balko explains, in a fascinating & depressing piece: ...Each term, the Supreme Court decides a dozen or so cases in which the justices attempt to balance the public’s interest in keeping order (which manifests in the powers we give to police and prosecutors) with our constitutional rights. Yet for the vast majority of Supreme Court justices now and in recent history, you could quite literally say that the criminal justice system is merely academic. Some justices may have seen a cri … [Read more...]

“Lava” in the Western World: Justice Kennedy and Pixar

Yesterday afternoon I watched Inside Out. You'll get more from me about that later, but for right now I want to write a bit about "Lava," the short, and the weird coincidence that I saw it on the day of the Supreme Court's gay marriage decision.Aesthetically "Lava" is a mixed bag--or rather, a bag with one great thing and one awful thing in it. The designs for the two volcanic main characters are charming, lovely, and just weird enough. But the short tells a simple story--it could easily … [Read more...]

A gnomic utterance

One of the current liberal projects is the replacement of an old legal and cultural model, in which the paradigmatic public "person" is male, with a new legal and cultural model in which the paradigmatic public person is unisex. Both of these models are damaging because the underlying vision of human nature is false.This is a gnomic utterance, rather than a real post, because I'm unsure what law and culture based on a sexed, sexually-differentiated, public person would look like. But I do … [Read more...]

This is the only thing I will post about the health-care decision.

Via Libresco, I think. … [Read more...]