I review “4000 Miles” and ask a question about portrayals of advice-giving

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“TK is a favorite Washington parlor game”

TK is no panacea. … [Read more...]

“The Armies of the Prince of Peace”: I review “The Convert”

at Woolly Mammoth until, I think, March 10. … [Read more...]

To Practice These Principles in All Our Affairs

The strengths of the new play at the Studio Theatre aren't where the playwright seems to think they are.The play's boundary-pushing profanity (I'm using circumlocutions to keep from saying the title, which the local alt-weeklies have been studiously printing in an attempt to prove we're not provincial) is probably supposed to be raw and streetwise but comes across as mannered and stagey.And the play appears to be about the complexity of character. "Funny how a person can be more than one … [Read more...]

“Love Contract”

That was the original (and better) title of Mike Bartlett's Contractions, a one-act play I saw at the Studio Theater on Wednesday. The play starts when Emma, some kind of saleswoman, is called to a sterile, glowy dystopian boardroom to speak with a corporate apparatchik about a possible contract violation. The apparatchik, also a lady, has her read the section of her contract on "romantic or sexual relationships." The contract requires all employees to notify management when they begin such a … [Read more...]

“Reference of Frame”

I review an art exhibit, at AmCon--and this exhibit closes at the end of December, so go soon! In the past several years photographers Claire Felicie and Lalage Snow have independently published pictures of soldiers taken before, during, and after their service in Afghanistan. It’s easy to project one’s own beliefs about the war, and war in general, onto these portraits; still, they offer fascinating portrayals of how people can change. I wasn’t expecting the frequency with which the soldier in … [Read more...]


in which I watch a movie. … [Read more...]