From “Children of Light”

“How nice Quaaludes are,” she said. “The world is possible with art.” [Read more...]

Kitchen adventures: A brownie for the Second Demographic Transition

I may not believe in modern love, but I must confess that I’ve become a convert to the microwavable brownie in a coffee mug, a.k.a. All the Single Brownies. I’ve tried this ultra-internet recipe several different ways and am still experimenting to figure out what works the very best, so use the following as a [Read More...]

“If Only I’d Listened to Virtually Anyone”

…Ouch. Via Ratty. [Read more...]

Confirming all my suspicions: Oscar Wilde edition

The less you care about the Crucifixion, the less I will gain from your reading of Wilde’s writing. Period, comma. (Provoked by this book, which is his dissertation I think and therefore much is forgivable, but also Camille Paglia.) [Read more...]