Bullying and bridge-building

Last post about questions I got on tour.Several people, often those involved in campus ministry in one way or another, asked me how they could reach out to gay communities on campus. Some of them had tried to reach out in the past, or even been invited to come and share their views, but had been turned away pretty harshly when it became clear that they were not going to reject or handwave the Church's teachings on sexuality. But they still really wanted to find ways to work with LGBT groups … [Read more...]

Celibacy as a mandate. Not the fun kind.

Post #3 of 4 about questions I got on my speaking tour! This time the question was basically, "The Church's position imposes celibacy as a blanket mandate on all gay people. This isn't fair, and it isn't how celibacy works: Celibacy is a calling from God to make of your body a living sacrifice. It isn't something the Church imposes on a bunch of people because of who they're attracted to."I think this question is based on a misunderstanding of vocation, but it does point to something … [Read more...]

“To come first for someone”

Another post about questions I got on my speaking tour. One man asked about something a gay friend of his had said, which really resonated with him. I can't remember, unfortunately, if the friend was citing this as a reason to reject celibacy and seek out a gay relationship, or if he was just saying that this longing makes celibacy especially painful, but he said, "I just want to come first for somebody!"There are a lot of pieces to this emotion. To be always the one who watches the love … [Read more...]

Designs for Living

Let's see how much I can post before Sandy knocks out our power!Anyway, I got a lot of great new questions on my whirlwind speaking tour of Pittsburgh and its suburbs. Some of them were really tough to answer ("Why did you accept the teaching authority of the Church?", to which I suppose the unhelpful but true answer is, "I really wanted to receive the Eucharist") and some of them can't really be answered at all, but only lived through ("What does it mean to suffer in Christ?").But I was … [Read more...]

An Anglican rector on his own experiences with same-sex attraction

Thoughtful, nuanced, and the kind of thing which will eventually happen, I pray, in the Catholic Church. … [Read more...]

In which I respond to natural-law rulemaking by emoting about vocation.

Hey, it pays the bills. No, but here I am in First Things responding to Douglas Farrow's "Thirteen Theses On Marriage." Other respondents include Jonathan Rauch, Paige Hochschild, David Blankenhorn, and Amy Wax. … [Read more...]

The two halves of my message on Gay Catholic Whatnot

It's genuinely hard to say both "Die to self" and "live in Christ," to focus equally strongly on crucifixion and resurrection, submission and liberation. I need to do better at being clear about the sacrifices. I think I'm so focused on making queer, chaste Christian life more viable, fruitful, and loving, that I can sound a bit Pollyannaish. The Gospel is not really sunny-side-up, even though it is a love story which ends with lovers reunited. … [Read more...]