View the self as a challenge to be met, not a problem to be solved. (Or, for that matter, a threat to be avoided!) … [Read more...]

#lifehacks (this one is recycled from Twitter)

Express a religious longing as mental illness, then as identity politics. … [Read more...]


Undermine an authority, slowly ease away from the traditions it backstopped, lament the breakdown of community. … [Read more...]

A gnomic utterance

One of the current liberal projects is the replacement of an old legal and cultural model, in which the paradigmatic public "person" is male, with a new legal and cultural model in which the paradigmatic public person is unisex. Both of these models are damaging because the underlying vision of human nature is false.This is a gnomic utterance, rather than a real post, because I'm unsure what law and culture based on a sexed, sexually-differentiated, public person would look like. But I do … [Read more...]