“An awful loss, a beautiful life, a daunting task”: Tim Carney

writes: Daily saving the life of an immobile kid with a fatal disease raises some fundamental questions. What is the point of such a life? Which raises the prior question: What is the purpose of any life? more … [Read more...]

“Jesus, Savior, Pilot Me”

Two versions: Bifrost Arts; and the Roberta Martin Singers. Ultimately via... With Rue My Heart Is Laden, maybe? … [Read more...]

What Questions Should Christians Really Be Asking About Homosexuality?

Odd Man Out has a really good post: Christians are getting better at talking about sexuality, and I want to help us continue thoughtfully framing our discussions to be as productive and meaningful as possible. For that reason, I’ve written New Year’s resolutions for conservative Christians—since those are the circles in which I mostly run—related to the questions we ask about sexuality. For Part I, I want to examine questions I’ve encountered that are no longer useful and offer suggestions for a … [Read more...]

“Bonhoeffer’s Argument Against Religious Blackmail”

Wesley Hill: Bonhoeffer suggests, contra Stendahl, that if we’re really to preach about the sin of humanity, we have to avoid yoking that preaching too closely to the feelings of guilt that may or may not be a feature of our hearers’ experience. Regardless of what a person may feel, Bonhoeffer implies, the gospel truly addresses them and lays claim to their lives. The truths of sin and redemption aren’t dependent on the rising and falling of human emotional states. And to dismantle a faulty view … [Read more...]

“My Side of the Confessional: What Is It Like for a Priest?”

Intense, lots of good stuff here. … [Read more...]

“Last Minute Banquet”

delicious, delicious parables: If the stuff that is in the Bible isn't true, if it doesn't work today and if Jesus didn't really mean what he said - I'm not interested in any of it. Thanks, but you can keep your rituals and your moral teaching. However, I believe what's in the Bible is true, it does work today and Jesus really meant what he said. And I build my life on that belief.Jesus tells a story about a rich man who invites guests to a dinner. They all politely decline with various … [Read more...]

For those who want to start their Christmas shopping

why not some bath & body stuff from Thistle Farms? Welcome to Magdalene/Thistle Farms. We are glad you've come to visit.Founded in 1997 by Becca Stevens, an Episcopal priest on Vanderbilt's campus, Magdalene is a residential program for women who have survived lives of prostitution, trafficking, addiction and life on the streets. Thistle Farms is our social enterprise. more (or skip to the shopping!) … [Read more...]