Seven Quick Takes… Almost Friday

Yo. Let's see if this is actually seven or not!"Bullying Prevention Programs May Have Negative Impact." To me the key thing here is the recommendation to focus on "systemic change within the schools," rather than turning bullying into a Thing which you've set aside and spotlit. If you're instilling students with respect for one another and for the teachers, and if teachers and other authority figures aren't tacitly approving of bullying, you are a lot less likely to get to the point where … [Read more...]

Halloween Skating!

Some of my favorite programs for one of my favorite holidays.Oksana Baiul gets sensual, and sinister:Starring Jeffrey Buttle, as the Devil:Starring Robin Cousins, as the Devil:Grishuk and Platov scare the commentators:Yu-Na Kim at the midnight carnival:More tomorrow! … [Read more...]