“Broke and Alone”: I review Coming Up Short: Working-Class Adulthood in an Age of Uncertainty

at The American Conservative: Because most of the traditional pathways to adulthood—marriage, economic independence, stable job—seem out of reach or prove to be reversible, working-class young adults have developed a new definition of maturity. This new pathway relies heavily on therapeutic culture: You become an adult by overcoming the trauma of your past, whether that involved abusive parents, drug addiction, mental illness, or less flamboyant hardships. Young adults who take on this new def … [Read more...]

“The Five Most Baffling Christmas-Related Crimes Ever”

Don't steal snakes. (Actually an empathetic piece as well as very funny--not surprising considering the byline.) … [Read more...]

Advice for the Advicelorn

I was reading John Cheese's latest column, "5 Pieces of Advice Every Adult Wishes They Got as a Teenager," and it got me thinking about the subject of advice more generally. I usually tell people I'm against advice, but manifestly that isn't true: I give it and even, very very occasionally and when I have no other choice, take it. But I do think the most common kind of advice is irrelevant advice.Advice can be irrelevant for a lot of reasons. It can answer a question you have no interest in … [Read more...]

“Five Stupid Habits You Develop Growing Up in a Broken Home”

You guys already know how I feel about John Cheese's stuff. Some really powerful things here. It's Cracked, so the usual warnings for language etc apply. (And more here.) Btw his parents are divorced, but he (or whoever wrote the headline) is using "broken home" here more to mean "dysfunctional" rather than just as a synonym for divorce. … [Read more...]

Also, apparently his eyes fire lasers. Like a shark, you know?

John Cheese is a writer for Cracked whom I have praised to you people many times. I linked to this piece in my AmCon piece about the problems with the "divorce counterrevolution" and I've linked several of his other marriage/parenting/family/uh... other stuff-related articles at MarriageDebate (which by the way you should all be following). Plus he's provided me and my friends with a lot of much-needed gallows humor:"Quitting Smoking: Six Things You Notice About the Stupid World""Five … [Read more...]