Kurt Browning’s Humility, Nicole Bobek’s Radiance, And Heteronormativity on Ice!

Last night I saw the Halloween on Ice tour in Richmond, VA. Because this is a full-service blog I will give you my impressions. The main thing is that you absolutely should go if you are in the market for a good old-fashioned skating cheesefest.Shawn Sawyer was the MVP. He's so much fun, and seems to have a gift for weird, creepy skating programs. Tons of cool extension moves and spirals and spins.Nicole Bobek did her aerial hoop thing, plus her characteristically beautiful spirals. Also … [Read more...]

Ian MacKaye (From an Interview I Haven’t Read)

What about legacy. Does that matter to you? No. I already have a legacy and I realise how perverted it is, and misleading. I’m not interested in legacy in terms of my reputation. I am however interested in leaving a trail. (here; via Mockingbird; and see also.)  … [Read more...]

Happy birthday, Nina Simone!

Johnny Weir skates to "Feeling Good." … [Read more...]