“Don Pino: The Most Important Beatification of the Early 21st Century”: John L. Allen, Jr

at the Nat'l Catholic Reporter: In two weeks, on May 25, the Catholic church will celebrate what is quite possibly the most important beatification of the early 21st century. Italian Fr. Giuseppe "Pino" Puglisi will be recognized as a martyr in a Mass celebrated in Palermo on the island of Sicily, where he was assassinated in 1993 for challenging the Mafia's hold.The event probably won't get a lot of media play outside Italy, especially since the pope isn't going to be on hand. Yet make no … [Read more...]

“The Advertising Comrade”: I review “No”

at AmCon. … [Read more...]

“Congress Goes Bipartisan–Against Civil Liberties”: W James Antle III

at AmCon: At the very time it appears Washington is so dysfunctional that the two parties cannot get anything done, Democrats and Republicans cooperate regularly—when it it comes to jailing, spying on, and meting out extrajudicial punishments in ways that on their face contradict the Bill of Rights. more … [Read more...]

“The Armies of the Prince of Peace”: I review “The Convert”

at Woolly Mammoth until, I think, March 10. … [Read more...]

“Who Is the US Helping in Honduras?”: The Fix

roundup: The Obama administration has expanded its anti-drug trafficking partnership with Honduras in recent years—but some claim that the US is inadvertently helping a corrupt government that actually has ties to the drug trade. The Associated Press has called the growing US military presence throughout the region "the most expensive initiative in Latin America since the Cold War." Since 2002, the buildup has reportedly cost US taxpayers over $20 billion for troops, ships, clandestine bases, ra … [Read more...]

“Why Won’t Candidates Run on This Life Issue?”

Well, I suppose I should start by disclaimering that I am not a canon lawyer, and this is not Official Catholic Advice.  But, hey, at least the issue I’m going to talk about is non-partisan.  And that’s the worse part; as the last foreign policy debate showed, callousness to human life, provided it’s that of the enemy (or people living in the same country as the enemy), isn’t even a campaign issue, it’s the new status quo. --Libresco; comments also worth reading, for example the Irish-history on … [Read more...]

“Zoo Is Hell”

I review Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo at AmCon. I've seen five shows in the past three weeks, as DC's theater season opens, and this was probably the best one so far. It's at the Bethesda Round House theater, a block from the Bethesda metro, and I'd definitely recommend it. … [Read more...]