“My Guilty Pleasure: 1980s Men’s Figure Skating”

A thing I wrote for a series at Acculturated. As you know, I'm not actually that guilty about this. Anyway, if you would like to see glorious skating, tacky skating, or gloriously tacky skating, check it out! … [Read more...]

Halloween Skating, part two!

(and last, for this year.)Klimova and Pomonarenko do Dracula:Pechalat and Bourzat, does your mummy know you're out?Shawn Sawyer is the Mad Hatter:and also in Beetlejuice:The rhythm has Allen Schramm's soul!:More next year! … [Read more...]

Halloween Skating!

Some of my favorite programs for one of my favorite holidays.Oksana Baiul gets sensual, and sinister:Starring Jeffrey Buttle, as the Devil:Starring Robin Cousins, as the Devil:Grishuk and Platov scare the commentators:Yu-Na Kim at the midnight carnival:More tomorrow! … [Read more...]

It’s Ada Lovelace Day and believe it or not, I have a post about women in the sciences.

The applied sciences, anyway. Here are some of my favorite performances by Debi Thomas, who skated at the Olympics while also pre-med at Stanford. She went on to become Dr. Debi Thomas, a surgeon.First her 1986 Nationals free skate, which she choreographed herself. Her arms are a little stiff in the front half and she can't hold her final jump, but once she loosens up she's very elegant and playful. She won here.Here's the same program at 1986 Worlds, when she became world champion. … [Read more...]

“A Cowboy’s Work Is Never Done”

Just randomly for your enjoyment, one of the all-time great exhibition skates. Igor Bobrin is a crazy person and I love his stuff so much! … [Read more...]