Deep Morbid Strawberries: A Summertime Kitchen Adventure

We're supposed to hit 90 for Memorial Day (which I'm thrilled about, though I will now shut up about it since I know you guys don't want to hear how much I love DC's most tropical months) so here's another report on summer drinks.This time I got a quart of strawberries from the farmer's market. They were, let's say, rich in ripeness. A little ways over the peak of their lusciousness and skidding into that blowsy, makeup-smeared stage, the 2 AM of la vida loca fresa. I cut off the tops and … [Read more...]

Important Ice-Cream Update

Uh, putting a whole chocolate bar in your ice-cream soda is a bad idea, don't do that. Libresco noted that she'd always just eaten ice cream + soda (as indicated by the name of the drink) and I tried that and it was great! I grew up on ice-cream sodas made by this amazing Jamaican ice cream parlor near home, where they would replace the chocolate syrup with hot fudge if you asked, and their ice-cream sodas always had this exotic tang, not quite cinnamon but cinnamon-adjacent... but you know, … [Read more...]

Ye Canna Change the Laws of Physics!: A Chocolaty Kitchen Adventure

So I tried to make an ice-cream soda today. I made... something!First attempt: Maybe two scoops of Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Therapy ice cream (I KNOW, you don't have to say anything) went into a big glass. Then I melted a Lindt chili chocolate bar in the microwave and poured that in. Then started to fill the glass with club soda but realized that the melted chocolate bar would make things fairly warm, so I added some ice cubes, then filled to the brim w/soda water.At which point the … [Read more...]

Communitas, Caritas… Chocolat-as?

I've already introduced you to the singleton's brownie. A brownie in a mug is autonomous, independent, in control... but wouldn't you rather have interdependent brownies? Brownies you've gotta share?Today I made this recipe twice, with some minor variations. These are brownies to form a community around.My variations and notes: I used Hershey's dark cocoa, which makes the brownies look burnt. They're not burnt. They're awesome. I used salted butter because life's too short to buy … [Read more...]

Kitchen Adventures Close to Home: Spicy Maid-Rites

My mom's from Iowa, which means I grew up eating Maid-Rites, the greatest sloppy joe. You can find a bunch of recipes online but this is close to the even-simpler version we had. You can eat it on a bun or just fork it up out of a bowl. I added a bunch of extra stuff, but the moment I tasted that first bite of ground beef, tomato, onion, and oatmeal, I felt like the world's happiest little kid.Ingredients (you can switch these around to your taste of course): Ground beef, a bit of butter, … [Read more...]

Calamityware: For When Life Dishes It Out

Blue-china dishes with images of...sea monsters, flying monkeys, and UFO attack! Via Ratty. … [Read more...]

“United Sweets of America”: Slate

makes an important contribution to national comity:Alabama Lane cake Also known as Alabama Lane cake, Lane cake is one of those boozy, eggy, dried-fruit-filled confections we don’t eat enough of these days. Invented by Emma Rylander Lane in the 1890s, a Lane cake is a sponge cake layered with a raisin-bourbon filling and frosted with a marshmallow-y “boiled white frosting.” Lane cake is also to Harper Lee what the madeleine is to Marcel Proust: The baked good makes several appearances in th … [Read more...]