This Nun Is So Holy, She…

...farts pastry: While enjoying my Sucre and Orange Donut at Cafe Sardine in Montreal, the pastry chef pointed out a treat I'd not likely find outside the area: the Pet de Soeur. I laughed as he told me that it translates to Nun's Fart (or Sister's Fart), and learned that the pet de soeur has its roots in Acadia. more. How did I not know about this? Sounds delicious, too. … [Read more...]

Kitchen Adventures: When Foods Collide

I overspent and underthought at the farmers' market this week, so now I'm scrambling to eat stuff before it goes bad, even if it doesn't seem to go together really well. A CHALLENGE. So far I have made three meals basically just to use stuff up and they've all been ridiculously, startlingly delicious. In this post: three things which shouldn't have tasted good.Turnip Greens and... Herbs? Okay.: I cut the greens off of a medium-sized bunch of hakurei turnips. (And I just spent five minutes … [Read more...]

Kitchen adventures: A brownie for the Second Demographic Transition

I may not believe in modern love, but I must confess that I've become a convert to the microwavable brownie in a coffee mug, a.k.a. All the Single Brownies. I've tried this ultra-internet recipe several different ways and am still experimenting to figure out what works the very best, so use the following as a template and go in with the assumption that you'll need several rounds of (delicious) experimentation.I made the batter in a separate bowl and then scraped it into the mug. Many recipes … [Read more...]

Kitchen adventures: Pumpkinification

For some reason Whole Foods was selling lots of heavily marked-down Thanksgiving food last week. I grabbed a can of pumpkin for a dollar and proceeded to use it in black bean chili (not the first time I've had good results using a sweeter ingredient in my chili) and in delicious curry pumpkin pancakes, made with--those who know me can already chorus it--chickpea flour.What I did: Sliced an onion. Mixed chickpea flour, curry powder, cumin, cayenne, and salt, in about that order. Mixed in … [Read more...]

VEGAN: Teach Your Kids It’s Not a Dirty Word!

Sorry, couldn't resist. Anyway, for those of you in need of Lenten inspiration, here's some service journalism: Serious Eats on going vegan. Includes tips on soup, pantry staples, going vegan for the first time, and lots more. … [Read more...]

“I Ate Casu Marzu, aka ‘Maggot Cheese’”

Ye gods. … [Read more...]

Kitchen Adventure: Yam Pancakes

I was too tired to make this for dinner last night, so it became a ridiculously colossal lunch today. Half is in the fridge now. If you're making this dish for one, don't use two medium yams! Just one.Anyway, I loosely based this delicious dish on this recipe for sweet potato corn cakes with garlic dipping sauce. You can get a beauty shot and a more precise recipe there. Here's a rough look at what I did:Chopped up a bunch of garlic and two red things which were basically red jalapenos. … [Read more...]