The Only Political Guide You Will Ever Need

MAD Magazine's "Guide to Political Types." From the '70s. Via Jesse Walker. … [Read more...]

Fine, I Admit It, I Like This One

Found here; some of the others also worth a giggle. … [Read more...]

“The Uncomfortable”: Deliberately Inconvenient Everyday Objects

These are glorious:more; via Matt Jones among others. … [Read more...]

Kallistos Ware, Stand-Up Comedian

Via IP:(includes actual wisdom! If that link doesn't work try this) … [Read more...]

And Now for Something Completely Different: Morrissey with a Cat on His Head

And click here to learn why this photo proves--somewhat to my surprise--that Morrissey is not a god. … [Read more...]


and other glorious fake book titles from Anthony Powell's Dance to the Music of Time! My own favorites in this genre are Florence King's gay Southern masterwork, Time Is a Lost Flute, and of course Agatha Christie's avant-garde play, They Walked Without Feet. … [Read more...]

“Course Evaluations for the Sermon on the Mount”: Millinerd

lol: Way too demanding for Gen Ed requirement. Prof expected us all to exceed best students in the class?! LOL. Not even my major!Best prof ever! Loved it. Changing my major.Told us not to worry about grade, and then told us that most people would fail. What?! Seriously? more … [Read more...]